Preview Round 8, 2024 : Bulldogs v Hawks, 4pm 5th May, Marvel Stadium

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Fair bit depends on Lewis' availability. I'm not confident he makes it.

Given JUH likely back for the Dogs, is this the chance for Ethan Phillips to debut? Who is matching up on Darcy, Naughton and JUH?

Would like to see Phillips in at least to free up Sicily.

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If we are taking off Serong at half time given Swans very tall forward line, then the coaches don’t have any faith in him. I thought aouple of his defensive efforts were good. Gunston was worse. McDonald is fumbling. Has gone backwards. Weddle looks off. Might need a rest.

Also, our mid field looks sluggish and no one is playing really well, but no one is playing really poorly so hard to make changes there.

Ramsden stays unless Lewis is fit.

Out: Gunston, McDonald, Weddle (managed) (Ramsden)
In: D’ambrisio, Phillips, Wingard to sub (Lewis)
In: Coming out with absolute fire as soon as they're on the ground.
Out: Getting spanked in the first quarter.

We did come out with absolute fire in the first quarter to be fair.

We dropped our bundle and our heads after a string of very questionable decisions and laid down. That was disappointing both from an umpiring perspective but we can't drop our heads like that.
I honestly think Ramsden is way off the pace. Assuming no Lewis again:

Phillips in down back, move Weddle up forward in place of Ramsden.

Gunston - he's so out of form, but who comes in?

Wingard is still a week or two off - he will be sore after yesterday, so please don't rush him back, and our other KPF are kids.

I think he has to stay - unless Sam thinks 195cm Hustwaite can play forward. I haven't seen any signs of that so Gunston probably stays.

Our KPF stocks are deplorable.

Chol, Gunston, Weddle, Moore, Ginnivan and hope Breust is fit, or debut one of the kids.What a terrible set of forward options.

Our list is so so poor is attack and defence.

Hardwick must play back, and Finn tags or doesn't play. They are not forwards.

McDonald can piss off to Box Hill for the next 6 weeks and show a solid body of two-way running work before even being considered again.

Totally over that fraud.

Honestly, our list isn't very good, and has been woefully overestimated.
The problem is that the cupboard is bare. There are plenty of players who deserve to be dropped to play VFL. We just don’t have 22 who deserve to be playing AFL.

If Lewis is fit he comes in for Gunston who is cooked and should not have been brought back to the club. Ward should come back in for Nash or McDonald. There’s not much more to bring in though.

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Ramsden needs to come in for Gunston.
Jack provides no onfield leadership (supposedly what he was brought back for), and has only looked decent vs a rudderless norf.

Mass for Nash.
Controversial, but we have 3 predominantly inside mids which is causing issues on the outaide. One oess inside mid may help the defensive transition
It really wont matter who we bring in, we have so many leaders out of form. I feel sorry for the kids who should learning off the leaders.

for whats its worth

HH, Ward, Phillips, Mass if fit

Jack, McDonald, Nash.

send Weddle forward

The year is shot might as well see what HH can bring playing full games
Please give CMac the wake up call that he needs. Hoping Serong stays in. Recon he goes alright and was very stiff to be subbed off.

Out: CMac, Gunston, Ramsden

In: Phillips, Ward, hopefully Lewis. Otherwise Ramsden to stay in.

Nash to sub.

Edit: need to fit Mas in somewhere. Perhaps Serong unfortunately ends up as the out.
Gunston kicked poorly yesterday, but is still good for 2-3 goals if he kicks straight (he wasn't the only culprit, Ginni kicked 0.3 or 0.4 from similarly gettable shots). Don't think we drop him given our forward line is already the worst in the league by the length of a Karl Amon roost.

It's Lewis or bust I think. We just don't have any other good marking forwards. Ramsden is green, Chol is a liability, and we don't have a capable resting ruckman like the old days of Hale and McEvoy who could go forward and kick goals. Ginni, Watson, Bruest, Chad, Moore etc. are all short.

Just don't see how we fix this short term or even medium term. We need long marking options, we need big forwards. Even if Lewis could stay on the park and find his old form (fingers crossed but not looking good), we're still two marking options short and they take years to develop.

Most urgent list issue to address for mine, and not sure how we do it.
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