Game Day Round 8: GWS Giants v Essendon, GIANTS Stadium, Saturday May 8, 2.10pm AEST

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May 24, 2007
In the guts
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fu** Carlton.
Unfortunately, it just looks like the kids ran out of legs, and that was it.
After they beat a team of young kids when they were supposed to be pushing Top 4 this year, the posturing and grandstanding from certain Blues fans is a bit embarrassing.
Cale Hooker is in career-best form at full-forward, and slotted another 5 goals last week. He's currently sitting third in the Coleman.
The Bombers led by 21 points in the second quarter and we were looking the goods, but the experience of Carlton overcame the lack of it with us.
Jayden Laverde has finally found his niche. Moving him to defence was a masterstroke.
Andy McGrath's disposal is starting to become a concern. 12 turnovers isn't a great look, even if he did rack up a heap of tackles.
Jake Stringer was a true powerhouse in the guts, and is starting to show form that is reminiscent of his AA year.
Archie Perkins is something incredibly special. Once he nails that goal on the run, the roof will lift off.
Unless it happens today.
There's no roof there.

def. by
fu** CARLTON 19.9 123

GOALS: Hooker 5, McDonald-Tipungwuti 4, Jones, Stringer 3, Smith
BEST: Hooker, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Stringer, Perkins, Jones



After a slow start to the season, Leon Cameron's Giants have started to get the ball rolling at a good time of the season.
After losing captain Stephen Coniglio, alongside Matt de Boer and Phil Davis, the Giants have gritted their teeth and have started getting results.
A trip to Adelaide against the Crows is far more daunting this year than last year, but the Giants made it look like an excursion to the lolly factory.
The controversial Jesse Hogan made his debut for the Big Big Sound and ended up slotting 4 goals from 15 disposals.
Stand-in captain Toby Greene has come alive with his newly-crowned leadership role and is tearing games apart. Whilst he might be a little sh*t, he's an out and out gun, and one of the best players to watch in the game.
Tim Taranto brought his own footy to Adelaide Oval, and left with 35 touches and 7 tackles; a true inside mid game.
Lachie Whitfield made his first appearance of 2021 and grabbed 30 touches himself, which does not bode well for the Dons today.
The miserly Giants defence kept the Crows, the Coleman leader Taylor Walker in their forward line, to one goal a quarter.

def. by
GWS GIANTS 15.16 106

Hogan 4, Himmelberg 3, Green, Reid 2, Greene, Hill, Kelly, O'Halloran
BEST: Taranto, Kelly, Hogan, Whitfield, Hopper, Perryman, Himmelberg



ESSENDON INS: Aaron Francis, Andrew Phillips
ESSENDON OUTS: David Zaharakis, Matt Guelfi, Nick Bryan (All omit)

GIANTS INS: Daniel Lloyd, Tanner Bruhn, Zach Sproule
GIANTS OUTS: Brent Daniels, Jesse Hogan, Matt Buntine, Sam Reid (All injured)


Subs announced approx. one hour before bounce.




Zach Merrett, Essendon


The Dons haven't made huge changes to the team that lost last week; whilst there was discussion that maybe Nik Cox was due for a rest, he's been named today, and Essendon have instead dropped Zaharakis, Guelfi, and Bryan, who will all travel to Sydney today as emergencies. Bryan could consider himself stiff to be dropped after one game, but it wouldn't be smart to have him as a ruckman against that enormous thug Shane Mumford. That role instead goes to Andrew Phillips, who has overcome a minor hamstring knock. Bryan would be snapped in two. Zaharakis is once again on the outer, and Guelfi has been dropped for the returning Aaron Francis.

The Giants have been hit with even more injuries, with Brent Daniels, Matt Buntine, Sam Reid, and Jesse Hogan all injured this week. The lack of Hogan especially is good news for Essendon, as the Giants' only tall lynchpin up forward is now Jeremy Finlayson. To a lesser extent, Harry Himmelberg also. The Giants have recalled Daniel Lloyd and Zach Sproule, alongside Tanner Bruhn, who is still not thrilled about having to move to Sydney.

Last Time.jpg

ROUND 10, 2020
Metricon Stadium

def. by


ESSENDON GOALS: Langford 2, Zaharakis, Shiel, Saad, McKenna, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Draper
GIANTS GOALS: Shaw, Cameron 2, Ward, Coniglio, Finlayson, Himmelberg

ESSENDON BEST: Merrett, Saad, Smith, Ridley
GIANTS BEST: Whitfield, Coniglio, Williams, Shaw



Hurley, Saad, Zaharakis, Zerk-Thatcher, Shiel, Cutler, Draper, Guelfi, McKernan, McKenna, Townsend
ESSENDON INS: Laverde, Heppell, Perkins, Hooker, Ham, Stringer, Jones, Phillips, Hind, Cox, Wright

GIANTS OUTS: Coniglio, Haynes, Cameron, Williams, Daniels, Corr, Shaw, Langdon, Caldwell, Davis
GIANTS INS: Buckley, Taylor, Cumming, Hill, Greene, Bruhn, Lloyd, Idun, Sproule, Green

The Tip.jpg

It was a winnable game last week, but it looks as though the Giants have hit form just at the wrong time for us. Would love to win this with a dodgy free in the last minute, but I don't think it'll happen.

GWS by 22.

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daniher dynasty

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Apr 6, 2008
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I think we are in with a great show here and the $3 odds are very tempting. But given my money would be like lead weight in our saddle, I'll resist the urge for personal profit.

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