Game Day Round 8 - Inch Perfect Eagles vs. In the Goal Square Magpies - Sunday 27/7, 1:35pm @Optus Stadium

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Mar 21, 2017
The absolute middle of nowhere
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West Coast
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This season is so ridiculous , no Vic team has any chance of winning it ... Vic teams are living out of hotels , no normal routines , don't get to go home to their own bed after a game.. all these little things add up...

And before the interstate teams go... Oh that's us every year.. ahhhh no it's not , you play your home games etc ...this year every game is an away game for the Vic teams..

The Vic teams are going to start becoming mentally drained and the longer this goes on ..the more they will drop away and players will go home.

Eagles are back home in their own beds , front of their own fans .. etc ..

What a luxury..
The tears. They’re so beautiful.


Official Oranges Man
Aug 6, 2017
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West Coast
Yup, time to get rid of JK, he's old and slow, he can't get a gap on the oppo any more, it's sad, just not what he used to be... !
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