Game Day Round 8 - Melbourne v Sydney - MCG - Saturday May 8 2021, 7.25pm

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Senior List
Sep 9, 2020
AFL Club
Some seriously shithouse football that quarter. Everybody thinks they can break four tackles and we let them set up behind the ball and had no targets to kick to.

Weather like this makes Melksham and ANB even more useless, you need quick, clean smalls and they’re the opposite. Add in Fritsch and Pickett having bad games and getting smashed in the clearances, we’re every chance to lose this.

Crusty Demon

Premiership Player
Sep 20, 2009
Ferntree Gully
AFL Club
Other Teams
Leeds United
This game should be over. Centre stoppages huge problem. We have Gawn, Oliver, Trac and Harmes and we've won 4 out of 17. That's unacceptable. If longmire does it everytime we play them.

We haven't lost a last quarter so I'll back us in, but i can just as easily see us lose in a tight one. Some lazy campaigners and cheating umpires keeping them in this..


Club Legend
Apr 1, 2018
AFL Club
Btw, umpiring has been poor but there have been a lot of non calls for the Swans. Can't blame them for us not taking our chances.

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