Autopsy Round 8 North Melbourne vs Collingwood

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Sep 26, 2004
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North Melbourne
The rule was brought in because Gerard Healy had a massive crywank over Gary Rohan being injured by evil Lindsay Thomas.
So you're saying the rule wasn't brought in to protect the player running into a contest and forcefully trying to kick the head off a player who has already gone to ground?


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Jul 1, 2014
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North Melbourne
Dunstall and Nick Riewoldt. Nick was appalling. Has us in the gun. Their commentary about that passage of play made my blood boil!
Funny how differently Noble saw the Jack Ziebell free kick was compared to Nick too. Pretty sure both he and Dunstall said it was there and Collingwoods free - yet Nobel is going to call the Umpires on Monday

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Apr 29, 2009
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One of my sons is a lawyer and a sports fanatic. He laughs at the appalling write up of the Laws of Footy. He reckons they need a lawyer on the committee and he would be available, at enormous expense, to do the job.

He's such an obsessive that if you yell "ball" at our place he will hand you a printed copy of that part of the Laws and ask what part of the Law are you appealing to.

Where in the Laws does it say that when mutual infringements occur the umpire can say play on?
Naturally, the rules say nothing of the sort! However, the simultaneous frees rule concerns umpires having paid multiple free kicks (hence the assumption that play needs to be "restarted" with a ball-up), not merely having detected the infringements, so that wouldn't apply either. Effectively, the situation goes unaddressed by the specific laws, at which point it makes far more sense to continue playing than to stop on the spot, pay both frees simultaneously then ball it up...

Your son is probably right about the laws being appallingly written, and really this only backs up his point, but I do have to marvel at the perverse but grammatically sound way 18.1.1 is worded - there's no way anyone who reads it as a complete paragraph would interpret (d) correctly on first reading, it's practically designed to parse wrongly... and yet it makes perfect sense:
18.1.1 Spirit and Intention of Awarding Free Kicks
It is the spirit and intention of these Laws that a Free Kick shall be awarded to: (a) ensure that a Match is played in a fair manner and spirit of true sportsmanship; (b) where possible in a contact sport, protect Players from sustaining injury; (c) provide a Player, who makes obtaining possession of the football their sole objective, every opportunity to obtain possession; and (d) a Player who executes a Legal Tackle which results in an opponent failing to dispose of the football in accordance with these Laws.
Not to mention, Law 24.12(b) is always good for a laugh...
Each Club or Team must ensure that: (b) each of its Players observe a high standard of personal hygiene.

Thank a lot for the link.

PS Any cricket umpire who reckons he wasn't good at it was always someone who could see mistakes in his performance that truly crap umpires miss. You learn lots by mistakes as long as you acknowledge them so I reckon you should put the white coat back on. You were probably very good.

PPS I notice that an umpire knows exactly where the Laws are to be found.
Thanks, very kind. It was the execution that never quite worked for me - I knew the laws well enough, but knowing about penalty runs and back-foot no-balls doesn't mean you're a good judge of whether it's hit the bat/pad or not, especially without the benefit of endless replays... and I think my lack of confidence in those calls showed through, which is never a good trait in a controlling official.

Always worth knowing where the Laws are - that way, you can criticise with authority!


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Apr 24, 2013
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Funny how differently Noble saw the Jack Ziebell free kick was compared to Nick too. Pretty sure both he and Dunstall said it was there and Collingwoods free - yet Nobel is going to call the Umpires on Monday
At some point several years back, football commentators became public relations agents of the AFL.

They are no longer "commentators".


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Aug 21, 2018
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North Melbourne
So you're saying the rule wasn't brought in to protect the player running into a contest and forcefully trying to kick the head off a player who has already gone to ground?
Not just a miserable old bastard playing bizarre sex games with the children of the elite on your island palace are you?


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Jan 28, 2014
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Ironically two of the clearest examples of when it should be paid both went against North in finals.
Black had his legs taken out from under him late in ESS comeback final and Ess got free.
And then the Jacobs one at Subi by Master Margetts.
Spot on. Remember both clearly.

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Heaps of fun

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Sep 13, 2013
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North Melbourne
Having to play an injured Bonar on JDG, due to Corr, McDonald & Tarrant being out, pretty much sums up our season.

In positive news, both Horne & Edwards had good games on the weekend.
I was listening to 774 and the clowns commentating were saying that Bonar was a midfielder and completely out of his depth on JDG. Morons had no idea the work he'd done in defence and the fact he copped the mother of all corkies from Ziebell six days earlier.


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May 7, 2012
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Pretty handy having multiple quality u23 kids isn’t it.

When a couple have down days (this week was probably Jy and Larkey), there are others that pop up (this week was TT & McKay). Pretty mint as a supporter, always something to be excited about.

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Aug 17, 2009
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North Melbourne
We miss someone at the fall of the ball to get a forward stoppage.
I reckon we went forward long in the last on multiple occasions - maybe 6 times? Pies took it out way too easy to the wing letting the pressure off. We needed a stoppage to set up and hold them in.
Only managed a stoppage when Turner drifted forward and got tackled and held it in... Such an under rated act for the benefit of the whole team - a small forward to be at the fall of the ball and at the very least, create a stoppage so the team can set up behind the ball... Even better - get a shot on goal.
That killed us in the last. I think that’s the role they’re trying to get Phillips to play, but he’s not quite there yet with game sense in that role.


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May 18, 2012
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If you ignore the inconvenience of the actual score as all good stats nerds should, this game was basically a draw.

xScore is effectively a measure of the quality of scoring chances you generate, rather than the pesky and random business of converting them. It’s really just a way to quantify "bad kicking is bad football" and "we coulda won if they didn’t keep kicking goals out of their arse".

Alongside that is the first time we’ve won I50s this season, the first time our midfield as a group hasn’t been smashed. Personal thoughts on that:

* it’s only Collingwood, nothing really to write home about.
* still, the fact we didn’t roll over and get opened up in the 4th was a pleasant change.
* our forward line is garbage but we already knew that and you can’t rebuild everything in one year
* if we can get Tarrant, McDonald and Corr out there along with Bonar, McKay, Hall and a couple of mids rolling back, our back line will be immediately decent and we probably have the luxury of moving JZ back forward. Which I would be in favour of.
* Collingwood’s only notable outs were Adams and Howe. Their list is terrible. Add those 3 defenders plus Dumont, Anderson, Polec and I don’t think we’re the worst team in it. But currently we don’t have those guys so we are.


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Apr 1, 2008
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Honestly critique of him this week is shameful.

By all means critique the officials that let him play but LDU gets a pass and gets it for sometime yet.
The only thing I want answered wrt Luke, is what has him sitting 2-3m off the ball waiting, instead of getting in there himself..

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