Unofficial Preview Round 8 vs Hawthorn. The Luke Brennan Cup

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May 10, 2014
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I'd rather nurse Blakey than drop him.

His potential is huge.
There is no neafl .
What have you got to lose?
Reality is. He can play.
Season is toast. Let him learn.
Let him learn... learn how to endure, learn tenacity, learn to deal with pressure at this level...

These are all things that he could learn at this level which would stand him in good stead later on in his career


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May 25, 2016
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Some posters are absolutely affronted that Foot and Wicks aren’t getting picked. “What else do they have to do?”

I love the arrogance of these posts. What have they done? Are people going to training sessions and scratch matches to see what the MC are seeing?

Never change people.
I have watched every scratch match and every neafl game for the last two years. The coaching staff at the swans have completely lost it. The era of the bloods is dead and buried. When they dumped Stuart maxfield and kept Steve Johnson it was out with the old and in with the new.

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Mar 17, 2012
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Surely one of Gould, Melican, Maibaum, Brand or O'Connor is available to play? We are going to run Rampe and our other giant, the Silver Fox, into the ground.
This would have been an ideal debut for Maibaum - Hawks are no world beaters - yet we aren't favourites either. Brand not back yet...
If not this week, never? Rnd 10 a chance maybe given the short turn around Sat to Thurs.

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Feb 1, 2012
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Let him learn... learn how to endure, learn tenacity, learn to deal with pressure at this level...

These are all things that he could learn at this level which would stand him in good stead later on in his career
Sorry but if you have one rule for Warner, McInnerney, Stephens, Gould (who can't even get a game) and others then blakey has to be trweated the same. don't give a sh*t how much talent you have, it is even worse that in this case he is not performing, if you don't perform you go. Simple.


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Aug 16, 2006
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In before Reid kicks a bag of 5 this week... then none in the next 3 weeks.
He'll be rusty for sure but if he kicks a few they'll only be icing on the cake.

Reid brings some desperately needed experience up forward. His big body provides a target forward and he can take a contested grab or crash packs for our little'uns to crumb off. He's an able backup ruck who can win a few hitouts, a swingman if needed, an outlet mark for rebound kicks., someone to keep defenders busy, taking the pressure off young forwards like McCartin and Blakey. All in all, Reid's a very handy in at present. A big mature player like Reid just makes it easier for the kids to have a real crack. He'll be rusty for sure but if he kicks a few they'll be icing on the cake.

Hayward out is a sh*t after a big return to form last week. Hopefully not for long. We have some pace this week but the Hawks only need a bit of confidence to get going again. We need to start fast and kick straight. They'll be keen to make amends and heap pressure on us from the opening bounce. I hope Ling makes the most of an opportunity he's worked harder than most for. I want to see him covered in gatorade dancing to the Swans' song.


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Oct 10, 2012
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Hewett's surgery decision its a huge red flag for me. Focus is now on 2021. Could have delayed and played through it.

We will not take risks on any player this year re: coming back from injury too early.

Anyone with a niggle will be rested to protect from future downside. Sure we will get some games into kids, but isnt the full TANK that dee's tried.

Set up for next year as much as possible which includes deciding who is best in positions we are in flux currently.

Don't hate it, but worried about the effect of so many losses on a culture build from not giving an inch.

Parker may not come out alive...


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Sep 3, 2012
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I actually think Lewis Taylor will become a good player for us. I attended the pre-season flogging we copped from GWS at Blacktown and walked away from that game thinking the one positive was Taylor’s presence on the field. He was by far the most vocal player on the field and could see him encouraging and instructing a lot of his team mates. He seemed to genuinely care and I thought that it was impressive that such a new player to the side would feel comfortable being like that.

Taylor won the rising star award in 2014, beating Marcus Bontempelli by one point, so he clearly can play. I think a range of injuries have hampered his form since then, but if he can tap into his 2014 form then he will bring some experience that we so desperately need at the moment.


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Jul 13, 2008
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How does Blakey get a game

Why back to duds in grey and Taylor and not wicks?

Thought Ling was on limited minutes and not getting a kick

How isn’t mcirey not in?
Do you ever not complain?

Blakey, finally, gets to play the role he thrived in last season. He's been bang average this season, but he's been taking the best defender most weeks. He doesn't have the frame or know-how just yet to deal with that. Now he gets to play third fiddle and move up the ground a bit more. I imagine Sicily will mark him up which will be a huge challenge for Blakey, but he's got that edge to him that can put Sicily off and nullify him.

I'm all for playing youth, but we need some experience in the team. Hewett going out in the mids means Gray and Taylor provide a little bit of that. They're not going to be world beaters, but they'll give it 100%, which for this season, is all we need. Our named midfield has two players over 100 games in Parker and Cunningham. We need older heads out there to provide structure, otherwise young players, as they do, get sucked in and drawn to the footy, leaving us exposed.

We'll have four players under three games, seven under 30 and half our team under 60, with eight over 100. It's a good balance to have at this stage in our development.

Wicks will get his turn this season, as will numerous others, especially with the amount of games they have to play in a short amount of time. I imagine when Taylor/Stephens get a bit sore and tired, Wicks will come in.
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