Unofficial Preview Round 8 vs Hawthorn. The Luke Brennan Cup

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Jul 20, 2001
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Play Reid in defence, for too long now his body has proven unreliable.

Time for mccartin to be invested in as our long term key forward.
Will Reid’s body become more reliable because he is in defence?

I can’t see it happening, he is ok to drop in there here and there but I don’t at all see him as a defender. At 28 that ship has sailed.

Don’t disagree about McCartin but there is room for both anyway.


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Aug 16, 2006
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Reids durability is fine he just rests on the ground mulitple games at a time or yeah just discount all the games missed and wallah durable :p

ok ill shut up, i think he will actually have a good game this week v hawks, they dont have a match up
Wallah ?? You mean voila. I was just pointing out that his first 6 years were durable. He didn't always have injury problems.

You were right anyway. He was as rusty as.. dropped a few he should have snaffled, but he brought others into the game and his 2nd efforts were good. His pressure is strong and our smalls were lapping at his feet. Also Blakey got off the leash with Reid & Paps getting most of the attention.
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