Game Day Round 9, 2020: Carlton v Hawthorn, 5.40pm AEST

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Mar 5, 2007
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Watching 4 losses in a row hasn't been much fun in a pandemic. Cmon Hawks, give us something.

Welcome back Jars. Great story.

Breust a welcome addition.

All the best to Jags and Frost on their 100 games.
Especially Jags. Had to overcome horrific injuries and one hell of a trade period to get there. You are now a Hawk through and through and most likely our next skipper. Let's hope we get these 4 points.

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Sep 8, 2014
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morning, hope it's ok to post here?

Just wondering how you think the hawthorn defence will line up on Casboult (198cm), Moore (194cm) and McKay (204cm)?
We are making late changes and bringing in Poppy to take Casboult, Dylan Moore to take McKay and we don’t give a fu** about the other dude.

Sorry if this is not the serious answer you are looking for but since I had a glance at the Carltank board the other day I am assuming you are used to immature chatting.

Stuff like “Hawks are sh*t” and “We are so much better than them” “what a sh*t club” just to quote a few.
All this coming from a board of a team that has been so sh*t for so long and who have been our bitches for the best part of 20 years, made me giggle.

But in the spirit of assuming you are not one of those morons, I would say Frawley to Casboult and Frost to McKay, sorry about the other guy but in all honesty I have never heard of him.
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Oct 2, 2019
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If we go in with a negative game plan and are worried about Carltons pace and try and turn it into a slow Hawthorn slog we will get torched out the back and scored against easily.

We need to find a way to put 80-90 points on the board today.

I want to see 12-13 goals from us today . 3 Goals per qtr and try and win the bloody game instead of trying to save it before we start.

On Topic

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Jan 7, 2018
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It has been a rough few weeks on the back of a string of losses after what had been a good start to the year all things considered.

My hopes for the game
1. Impey to make it through the game unscathed. I don't care too much about his performance as long as he gets through it and pulls up well. Ok.. maybe take a bounce or two.
2. Ceglar and McEvoy to rotate ruck and forward at about 50%. McEvoy in defense should only happen if we absolutely need it but not at the opening bounce. I think Marc does the better ruck work of the three but we will wear him down with a two on one and drag him to deep waters.
3. Stratton to finally show some visible on field leadership. No more carrying on. No more half-arsed efforts. Just do what he does best.
4. A couple Worpel & O'Meara fend offs + some stoppage breakaways after Mitchell delivering the ball to them by hand. Late last year this was how I thought our midfield would be working which hasn't turned out to be the case just yet.
5. Better ball movement with a bit of flair and enjoyment.

Admittedly I was initially disappointed seeing some of the changes for this match but they improve the side. Let's get some continuity in our list and consistency in our performances before we throw some of the younger players to the wolves.

Based on the list we have coming in to the game, I suspect it will be playing more like this:

B: Stratton, Frawley, Hardwick
HB: Sicily, Frost, Scrimshaw
C: Smith, Mitchell, Scully
HF: Wingard, O'Brien, Burgoyne
F: Gunston, McEvoy, Breust
R: Ceglar, O'Meara, Worpel
I/C: Shiels, Morrison, Day, Impey

With Hardwick, Sicily, Scrimshaw, Day and Impey to be playing on the BP/HB positions (all belong in our best 22), one of them will need to find a new position as I don't see us dropping our captain. Whether that is Sicily, Hardwick or Impey moving forward or Day or Scrimshaw moving to the wing, I'm not sure. Scrimshaw and to some extent Day have shown attributes of playing Sicily's position. I wouldn't mind Sicily being thrown to the CHF. Sicily, Wingard, Gunston, Breust and Burgoyne sounds very, very appealing but how can we move Sicily out from defense given his performances there? I feel we need Impey in defense for the run and carry. Hardwick forward could also be the answer but then we may look a little too tall again if it is just Impey down there. Day and Scrimshaw will likely not have the tank to go to the wing either. Maybe the answer will be in tonight's match. Maybe.


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Mar 11, 2016
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The concern for me is that his piss poor form and perceived lack of leadership looks to be lingering on the guys that would have been a better choice as captain and that the playing group all know it.
Best thing for Stratts and the Hawks is a “managed” status that lasts for the season and let Jager or Mitchell take charge as a preamble for next seasons leadership change.
Regardless of the underperforming midfield, why carry a guy who doesn’t lead, can’t get a kick that is a forward movement, is played as a “stopper” but doesn’t do that either and just flat out is not in the best 22 and messes with the defensive structure?
I’m pretty sure everyone has caught up on this one Abasi and there is no hiding from it any longer.
A last hoorah against his old mate in Betts should be his swan song as there are better players on the list that play his position.
On form he should not be playing this week but for team balance I guess he is. I wanted his game last week to be the 1 he got back to being the Stratts we need but he wasn't (I felt sad for him and the things he was doing).
It's a new week, a different oppo and he's picked, let's back him for this game because really a dominant Stratts is def in our best's hoping at least.
C'mon Stratts!


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May 17, 2017
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HF: Wingard, O'Brien, Burgoyne
F: Gunston, McEvoy, Breust
What's annoying to me is that, on paper, this is a very damaging forward line. Gunston, Breust and Wingard are all capable of being AA level forwards. It's just frustrating to see them all run into each others space.

Hopefully the return of Breust will result in some better spacing.


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Jun 13, 2019
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Jeez that last thread turned to sh*t real quick- hopefully we can rally against that on field tonight!
Really exciting in's for us in terms of a best 22 side of things, hopefully we can capitalise on that and start to turn our season around here!

Am I confident? No
Do I think we'll win? I plead the fifth
that being said
Hawks by 32
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