Game Day Round 9, 2021 - Gold Coast vs. Brisbane Lions

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The Lions....AFL's new powerhouse
Jul 7, 2017
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Having trouble getting enthused about this game........hopefully feel differently tonight. What is ur poison ZoBlitz.........I will try that?

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Section 5

Club Legend
Nov 26, 2018
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
All things going to plan a 30 point win to the Lions and I get home before my usual bedtime
Before bedtime read comments on bigfooty that should ensure sleep problems whether we win or lose

I have set my alarm for 2pm today to remind me to go to Metricon. Getting older is a bummer
Leave Brisbane northside 2.15pm so should arrive sometime between 3.30pm and 4.15pm. Stay positive 3.30pm traffic will be a breeze
I don't even need Google Maps for this particular trip as I think I know it well enough since the Bears days
Park in my secret car spot that only 100 people know about. Friends/family, you tell them a secret spot in 2019 and look what happens
Walk 20 minutes to Metricon. It is only 15 minutes if you are eligible for the Pizer vaccine. I would have done it in about 13 minutes in the 70's

Plan B I don't like this plan.
Drive to Nerang Station find 2nd secret parking space and catch Bus to Metricon
This plan sucks as I have to mingle with lots of Red shirted people some don't even wear masks
Need Batman as backup but my daughter will have to do.
She is a registered nurse so if things go bad I should be okay

With plan B the return home can get ugly especially if "all things going to plan" works out


Premium Gold
Oct 23, 2015
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
We believe that our overcoming injury ability is all down to the management by physios, drs ... And clearly they are first class. But.

I wonder how much the club culture has to do with it. Our players are all totally supportive of each other, and looking out for each other is a fundamental. So when you are in the injury group you are probably still front and centre in everything that's going on, with teammates going out of their way to support you.

With poor club culture, I can envisage long term injured players feeling like they've dropped out of sight, which makes rehab isolating. We know that cause players say it. And that can impact poorly on compliance and focus.


Premium Platinum
Aug 12, 2016
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Looks like a beautiful afternoon/evening for footy.
Might get a little slippery as evening falls but should be a pretty good skilful game.



Premiership Player
Jul 16, 2011
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Tell ya what, if the Lions put in like my under 8’s did today they’ll be a shoe in. Go Lions!


Premium Platinum
Aug 9, 2013
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Won't be able to watch at least the first half - hoping by the time I check the scores we've blown them away and iced the game... Then I can enjoy the melts when we take the foot off the pedal and only win by 30 :p
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