Review Round 9, 2021 - Gold Coast vs. Brisbane Lions

Who were your five best players against Gold Coast?

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Sep 6, 2014
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Imagine if we put together 4 full quarters. Great team effort tonight. Happy to see some good centre clearance work as that’s going to be pivotal in the next three games. Go Lions 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

Toffee Lion

BigFooty Rising Star
Oct 10, 2011
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Everton, Bucks, Packers
Went Lyons/Zorks/McStay/Robbo/Starc for my 5.

Shame that Clugga won't get any brownlow votes from this game but continues to show we have weapons everywhere.

Solid performance but more worried about the Lester/Gardiner injuries, hopefully not too long term.


Club Legend
Apr 3, 2017
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
a good spread of goal kickers,

McStay well done.
Lyons an absolute beast there
Andrews did really well, and was rightly mad at himself for some mistakes

Sucks to see Lester basically out for the whole match especially on this 150th...
Same with Gardiner. that pesky shoulder..

onto the Tigers!

edit: poll only giving me choice for 4 selections?


Hall of Famer
Aug 10, 2005
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Next few wil be interesting. To get to 8-4 seems a lot better than 7-5 which will make top 4 tough.

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Hollow Knight

Imperfect vessel
May 3, 2005
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Scuderia Ferrari, Dallas Cowboys
The hand-wringing about the 4th quarter is a first world problem.

We beat the Suns 8-0 goals in the third, and lost 3-4 in the fourth.

If we swapped those quarters around would that somehow make it a better performance?

Can’t help but think if it was swapped around they would be calling the 8 in the last quarter “junk time goals after the sting had gone out of the match”.

We dominated them. Full stop. Get well Frog and Diz.


Norm Smith Medallist
Nov 26, 2012
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Lyons might actually stop McCluggage from winning the Brownlow. Should get a lot of votes himself

Lot of players could get votes. Very even spread across the ground.

Our forward line is just so evenly dangerous. So hard for teams to defend

Backline is becoming a monster with Harris just toying with them at times. Rich quieter but still AA level. Starc is killing whoever he's on

And I always appreciate guys who sacrifice their own game. Ah Chee moving back just shows how valuable he is. Not a massive game but does what the team needs. Throws his body into the contest when its his turn


Intentionally left blank
Apr 3, 2012
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
A solid win soured by the percentage boost not getting us above Port (I think?) and the obvious two injuries to two structurally critical players.

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