Preview Round 9, 2021: Hawks v Roos, 2:10pm 15th May @ UTAS

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Oct 17, 2009
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There won’t be a lot of talent on display in this game.

The cupboard is bare at Box Hill, save for Brockman. Hopefully O’Meara Gunston Burgoyne Brockman in.

If they don’t come in, we could actually lose this.


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Sep 7, 2009
Mill Park
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IN: Gunston, O’Meara, Brockman

OUT: Howe (omitted), Jeka (omitted), Hartigan (omitted)

B: Jiath, Hartley, Hardwick

HB: Scrimshaw, Frost, Impey

C: Morrison, Mitchell, Phillips

HF: Gunston, Koschitzke, Wingard

F: Breust, Lewis, Brockman

R: McEvoy, O’Meara, Worpel

INT: Moore, Hanrahan, Cousins, Shiels

Dazza the Viking

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Mar 27, 2019
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Not sure who is available to come in

Out Jeka Moore Shiels Howe

Shiels played today like he was cooked
Howe too slow
Jeka not ready
Moore struggled today

Kosi worst game for us, Jeka goes before him

Couisins Morrison Phillips Hartigan on the borderline

Morrison must be close to being dropped
Couisins dd enough to stay in, at least he can hit a target when kicking inside 50
Phillips like needs to do more, particularly as he is a shoddy kick
Hartigan, is big but should not guaranteed staying in the seniors, rather Hartley, at least he can hit a target

McEvoy is cooked but there is no one else
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On Topic

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Jan 7, 2018
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Outs: Jeka, Moore and Howe
Ins: Gunston, Brockman and O'Meara

Cousins had 3 goal assists and 7 score involvements. He is one of the few on our team that lowers the eyes going inside 50 as well. I'd like him to stay in the side if I had to pick between him and Howe.

Our forward line just does not look dangerous and seriously lacks spark. I would be very tempted to have Wingard move back in the forward line for more minutes and bring in Brockman. If we are going to kick inside 50 the way we have been then we need some chaos when the ball hits the deck which I think Breust, Wingard, Brockman and Hanrahan will be able to do. If Burgoyne is right to go he should come back in for Hartley but wouldn't mind us taking a cautious approach.

B: Jiath, Hartigan, Hardwick
HB: Impey, Frost, Scrimshaw
C: Phillips, O'Meara, Shiels
HF: Wingard, Kozi, Gunston
F: Breust, Lewis, Brockman
R: McEvoy, Mitchell, Worpel
I/C: Hartley, Morrison, Cousins, Hanrahan


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Oct 2, 2014
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I like Jeka but at his current stage of development he can only really impact by marking on the lead. Lacks the strength and positioning to sit under the high balls. Given our midfield delivery is diabolical and our forward structure is all over the place he won't be able to do that consistently enough (our entire team took a grand total of two marks on leads forward of centre). I genuinely think he's better off at Box Hill where he can keep using his natural strengths without losing confidence in himself.
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