Preview Round 9 2021 - Richmond Tigers v GWS Giants, 7.25 pm @ Marvel Stadium, Sat 15 May

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Mar 21, 2014
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This is an interesting analysis. I think both team's supporters will use injury as an excuse for a loss. While both are warranted in some respect, I still think it will come down to which GWS team turns up. I mean if we show the same hunt in the midfield that we know we are capable of, then we should come out winners. But we know that with a contested ball style of play... that if players are down, their individual lack of intensity really affects the overall team performance.

Im an optimist, so Im backing our midfield to run over theirs. If hogan plays I think we look very intimidating forward of centre and will come away with the chocolates

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Nov 23, 2015
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Yes, I tend to agree with Danny88. There is a clear opportunity to beat the Tiges at home, if the players are hungry and bring the intensity in the midfield battle, where our losses are admittedly less than theirs. We need Toby to rally the troops. We also need some of the young guns who haven't yet fired, such as Bruhn, to have a breakout game.

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Oct 10, 2007
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You don’t consider Cogs Davis Haynes De Boer Finlayson or Daniels top liners?
hmmmm ... interesting.

as I said earlier, our back 6 from the last game against Richmond has gone from 785 games experience to either 108 or 163 games experience (depending on who is brought in), but, you know, reigning premiers have to have an excuse ready for any loss I suppose.
We definitely have you covered in our fwd line no doubt as you do to our midfield. I’d probably prefer to have grimes and lynch out for this game and give us back a couple in the midfield. We’ll have dusty and graham in there and will then have 3rd gamer RCD and players like Ross, Pickett and macintosh running in there. Most probably will have to bring caddy back for this one.
Not excuses just reality, I still hope that we’d be good enough to get over you otherwise we are probably in deep trouble for this season.


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Sep 8, 2012
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Fair list and while ours isn’t as big it is really our top liners. Of our top 6 midfielders only Dusty is playing, that’s going to be hard against anyone let alone against quality like Ward, Kelly and Taranto.
Anyway should be a good game which I think is a genuine toss of the coin.
I agree

This really is a 50/50 I reckon. Battle of the depth players

Whichever team comes with the right attitude will have the big advantage

Will be a good game

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Jan 30, 2016
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Nothing. It's Victoria, not NSW or WA.

When you watched all the VFL HQ execs drinking cocktails by the pool in Qld last year it had nothing whatsoever to do with player safety.

It was just a brilliant excuse for VFL HQ-ers to have a mid-winter holiday in Qld fully funded by Members money.

The only other scenario VFL HQ is interested in is disrupting the prep of non-Vic teams.

It’s impossible to imagine the Tigers being pushed into a plane to Sydney tonight in the same way it was done to the Swans a week ago.

Gil and his minions are just routinely the p*ss.

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Feb 26, 2019
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Phila 76ers, Mt Buller Demons

Lachlan Keeffe has been a pillar in defence but will miss the rest of the season after tearing his ACL in the final minute of the match against Essendon. Jesse Hogan missed that game after feeling tightness in his calf but the prized recruit was mainly left out as a precaution. He just needs to get through training this week to be available to replace Jeremy Finlayson, who is suspended for one week. Veteran ruckman Shane Mumford didn’t have as much impact against the Bombers as in previous weeks, so after two consecutive matches he might be rested and Matt Flynn given another opportunity. The Giants’ VFL team had a bye, so Jake Riccardi couldn’t be trialled in defence for a second time, but the 40 disposals and 19 marks he claimed down back the week before could be enough for him to return.

R8 medical sub: Conor Stone (unused)

Verdict: Hogan, Riccardi, Flynn come in for Keeffe, Finlayson and Mumford. - Martin Pegan


Dr Tigris

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Aug 19, 2009
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Battle of the wounded this one.

I'm a tiger but have a soft spot for the Giants (live in Canberra)

I suspect that the Giants will win through simply having a better midfield. It could get ugly if you can control the ball.

However if we can bring pressure and get it forward we could score fairly heavily.

It's really rare to go into a game and not have a clear idea of what might happen. So hopefully a good game and winner is in a good spot to play finals.


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Oct 17, 2015
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Wasn't sure which way to tip this one.

Picked Giants, then flipped and went to Tigers.

Both teams wounded. Personally feel like Tiges are playing like dogsh!t myself - pretty much the entire forward line is out of form and the entire midfield is injured. Backline seems to be the only piece that's OK but still under a lot of pressure with the midfield not able to provide the zone defense they need before it goes into the D50.

Interesting times... will be watching Taylor keenly because one of our guys keeps saying he wants us to poach him.


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Jan 26, 2014
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Basing on media and also how Cameron plays favourites I see Hogan Buntine and Flynn coming in for this game, I would like to see Shipley start a game but not sure if this is the week, I think this year is make or break for him as to if he stays on the list
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