Preview Round 9 2021 | Richmond vs GWS | Saturday 15/5 7.25pm | Marvel Stadium

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Sep 13, 2015
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I still think our back up players to our missing senior players aren’t as good as 2019 which makes us fragile and that’s why we’re caving in.
Our depth has definitely weakened, our injuries are a bit of a perfect storm though. Cotchin, Prestia, Lambert are probably our best two way midfielders, all mature bodies that are difficult to replace. Up against a quality midfield, left a lot to a back 6 missing its best defender.

I reckon our balance was a bit off on the weekend, Vlastuin is not as strong defensively as Grimes and clearly the same goes for Martin and Cotchin. Need to find another defensive mid imo - not sure who.

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Oct 13, 2010
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Just saw on the Giants board that Finlayson was offered a week and Keefe tore his ACL vs. the Bombers...

Despite our lack of a midfield at the moment, they are ravaged by injury. We bring the heat and we'll probably be too good, but the midfield battle will be a worry with all our outs and Dusty seemingly also a tad lame.


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Oct 3, 2017
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Lachie Keefe has done his knee and is out for the season. GWS are one of the few clubs with a longer injury list than ours.
If we can't beat this mob on Saturday we are in deep sh*te !!!!
we are clearly better than GWS , talking both in their current state

GWS however have rallied their young troops well and are playing good football

if we turn up a tad flat from the geelong game we are very beatable


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Jun 28, 2017
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Honestly with Keefe missing and their next most experienced defender being who sam Taylor who hasnt even played 50 games?

if our forward line cant figure out how to function and kick a score then we may as well pack it up this season because we wont be competing with the top 4 even if we make the finals.

Our forward line is the one section on the ground that has no injuries, and its also been the sh1ttest

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Oct 7, 2001
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Sep 17, 2006
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At this stage I'm thinking the changes will be

Out: Edwards (inj) Mansell (omit) Castagna (omit)
In: Naish Grimes Ralphsmith

B: Astbury Grimes Balta
HB: Short Vlastuin Houli
C: KMac Graham Pickett
HF: Aarts Baker D.Rioli
F: Lynch Martin Riewoldt
R: Nankervis RCD Bolton
INT: Broad Naish Ross Ralphsmith
SUB: Mansell

I'd really like to get CCJ into the line up but with the game played at Marvel it might be too crowded inside F50 with the 3 talls down there if we're going to continue with the ploy of bombing it in long and high to about 15m out and expecting Jack & Tom to either clunk it or bring it to ground. Against a Giants side that is going to be quite undermanned in terms of experienced KPDs with Keeffe Davis Haynes all missing leaving inexperienced types in Taylor Buckley & possibly Riccardi to fill the void it could be a perfect time to try the 2 tall structure again.

The bonus with CCJ is that it gives us a 2 pronged ruck set up to go against old slow Mumford or the inexperienced Flynn which could help us gain first use out of the middle and really put their back 6 under constant pressure.

As an aside, how much better does out back half look when you have the band back together again for the first time since the 2020 prelim final. You just know that they will be so much more organised and calmer than they were on Friday night against the Cats.
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