Preview Round 9: Essendon vs Fremantle, Docklands, Saturday 18/05/19, 7:20 PM

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Jan 11, 2007
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Essendon: The Bombers were lacklustre against Sydney, losing the game by 5 points in a game where too much was left to too few. Essendon were carried by half a dozen players, including Captain Dyson Heppell, who had 30 disposals and 6 clearances for the game alongside Zach Merrett's 28 and 7. Orazio Fantasia was excellent, kicking 4 goals on return from illnes.

Fremantle: Freo fell to their second straight loss, Richmond beating them by 25 points with an excellent second half. Captain Nathan Fyfe was probably the best for the Dockers, collecting the ball 33 times and kicking 3 goals, whilst David Mundy and Michael Walters were both impressive in the midfield, getting 27 touches apiece.

Head to Head (last 5)

Essendon 2-3 Fremantle

Form Guide

Essendon: 2W 3L
Fremantle: 2W 3L

Sportsbet odds

Essendon: $1.36
Fremantle: $2.99
Line: 16.5 ($1.90)

Possible sides

Essendon vs Fremantle

B: Ambrose - Hooker - Saad
F: Cox - Taberner - Matera
HB: McKenna - Hurley- Ridley
HF: Walters - Hogan - Brayshaw
C: McGrath - D Clarke - Z Merrett
C: Cerra - Blakely - B Hill
HF: Begley - Daniher - Ham
HB: Wilson - Pearce - Hughes
F: McDonald-Tipungwuti - Francis - Stringer
B: Ryan - Hamling - Conca
R: Bellchambers - Shiel - Heppell
R: Lobb - Tucker - Mundy
I: Redman - Mynott - Parish - Guelfi
I: Switkowski - Langdon - Colyer - Nyhuis

Essendon in: Daniher, D Clarke, Mynott, Ridley, Begley; Out: Myers, Z Clarke, Zaharakis (all crap), Smith (******* knee), Fantasia (******* quad)
Fremantle in: Blakely; Out: Fyfe (susp)

Fremantle defence vs Essendon forward line

Essendon are ranked 7th in the AFL in terms of goals per inside 50 entry, getting one 23.1% of the time it enters the 50. However, they come up against the strongest team defensively in this regard, Fremantle only conceding a goal 16.9% of the time it enters their 50. A big reason why is Alex Pearce, the 200 cm athletic key defender finally having a good run with injuries and showing his quality. He is one of the few defenders in the league to be able to go with Daniher in terms of height and athleticism, which presents a test for the young gun Essendon forward. The other interesting one will be Luke Ryan going up against Jake Stringer, the latter will be trying to expose Stringer the other way whilst Ethan Hughes will have his hands full with trying to shut down Orazio Fantasia who is very important for the Dons.

Midfield/rucks battle

Now this is where the difference between the two sides will be. The numbers belie the Essendon issue in the middle, Essendon are second in clearance differential in the league, whilst Fremantle are a middle of the road 8th. Contested Possessions wise, Fremantle are a solid 6th in this regard whilst Essendon are down the order in 11th. Fremantle's main men will be captain Nat Fyfe and former captain David Mundy, the two are effective at using their big and strong bodies to win the clearance, getting it out to quality like Bradley Hill, Ed Langdon and Nathan Wilson. Essendon's main men inside the stoppage are captain Dyson Heppell, vice captain Zach Merrett and the newly traded in Dylan Shiel, who will hopefully be able to use the likes of Conor McKenna, Andrew McGrath and a potential debutant in Trent Mynott after several excellent performances in the VFL. Rucks wise, Tom Bellchambers is in some good hit out form and will be going head to head with Rory Lobb, but that may expose his lack of mobility.

Fremantle forward line vs Essendon defence

Fremantle's forward 50 hasn't been extremely productive this season, kicking a goal 21.6% of the time it enters their 50, which is 11th in the AFL. Essendon concede a goal 22.4% of the time it enters their defensive 50. Fremantle tend to go with a three tall forward combination for their side, but a lot of the danger will come from the likes of Michael Walters and Brandon Matera, two ground level players who take the game on with speed and skill. Expect Adam Saad and Jordan Ridley to take them respectively, the former is in All Australian form with his defensive efforts and rebounding ability. Jesse Hogan has a poor record against the Dons, kicking 4 goals in 3 games and Michael Hurleywill be keen to see that continue, whilst Cale Hooker probably takes the in form Matt Taberner, who loves playing Essendon, kicking 6 goals in his last 2 games against the men in red and black..

X-Factor Player

Travis Colyer returns against his own side here in Melbourne. The small looks dangerous around goals fro Fremantle and will be hoping for a big game to show what Essendon are missing.

Key stat

Essendon: Goals per inside 50. Freo are great at shutting it down, so for Essendon it's vital they get above their current season average

Fremantle: Clearances. Essendon always lose when they lose the clearance count.


Fremantle are too good right now, Dockers by 22
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Apr 23, 2016
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Out: Senior players who don’t run both ways like Myers and Zaharakis. Clarke / Bellchambers (if he’s injured)

In: Junior players who run both ways like Ridley, Clarke, Mynott or Begley. A rested Daniher.

McKenna shouldn’t be played in the back 50 anymore, he looked far more likely on a wing, and far less of a liability. Those dinky kicks he does are good in the centre, they’re terrible in defensive 50 on a kick-in.

Ham stays in, worked hard and kept making contests and can actually football. Play him in the Baguely role.

Redman - Hooker - Ambrose
Saad - Hurley - McGrath
Ridley - Heppell - McKenna
Fantasia - Daniher - Smith
Tipungwuti - Stringer - Ham

Bellchambers - Shiel - Merrett

Parish (as a MID) - Guelfi / Francis / Mynott / Begley / Langford (as a Half-Forward Flanker / Winger)


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Jul 15, 2008
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Said it before the Swans game - Myers & Zakka have to have a spell, Myers a permanent one. Also our forward line is dysfunctional so why wouldn't we play Hooker forward....certainly at least this is a viable option until Brown or McKernan return....?? We need another tall marking option up there and Hooker has proven he can be this option - so why not just bloody do it...??? One can only hope we mix things up against the Dockers otherwise season is well and truly shot. I'd have;-

OUT: Myers, Zakka, Ham, Clarke
IN: Langford, Begley, Ridley, Daniher

Francis Hurley Redman
Ridley Ambrose Saad
McGrath Heppell McKenna
Fantasia Daniher Parish
Stringer Hooker Smith

Bellcho Shiel Z.Merrett

Bench from: Langford Guelfi Tippa Begley
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Apr 20, 2011
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In a week where Hawks have dropped one of their best players of the last 15 years to the VFL and appear to have no issue with him finishing his career there. it goes to show the gulf in professionalism of the two clubs.

I don't think it really matters who or what we bring in as there certainly isn't anyone begging to be picked in the twos. Injuries have stuffed any forward structure we had and I question whether the players want it enough.
If they did they wouldnt have started a year the way we did. We wouldn't have shown up not ready against the benchmark team in the cats and we wouldn't have been sucked down to the Swans level.
All the talent in the world on this list and not a single football brain amoung them.

I actually don't blame the coaches. They appear to have tried to implement defensive structures in this group and they just don't get it.


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May 5, 2009
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Well if we were ever marking this down as a win, they're aggressive, hard running and close down space. No idea which Fremantle turns up, though.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 27, 2006
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I'm thinking:

In: Daniher, Baguley, Ridley
Outs: Clarke, Ham, Myers

I'm calling for Ridley in so that Redman/McKenna can spend more time through the midfield. I'd love to see Redman unleashed, I reckon he'll be awesome in there. I want to see Begley in the side soon too. I'd consider replacing Parish with him. Begley is a much better forward than him and has the size to take a grab, plus I've always rated him on the lead. Our forward line would be infinitely better with more guys like Fantasia that will actually lead up at the ball carrier instead of everyone staying back all the time.


Oct 5, 2008
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What is our best 22 ... If everyone was up and running (injury free).

My thoughts :

B: McKenna Hurley Saad
HB: Francis Hooker Gleeson
(Redman 7th DEF - Bench)

C: Zaka Heppell Smith
Foll: BChambers Shiel ZMerrett
(McGrath , Parish extra mids - Bench)

HF: Laverde Brown Walla
F: Fantasia Daniher Stringer
(Langford 7th FWD - bench)

Int : Redman , McGrath , Parish , Langford

Emg: Myers, Ambrose, Begley , Ridley

..... Bold is who is NOT available for Freo


So filling the gaps.

B: McKenna Hurley Saad
HB: Francis Hooker Redman
(Ridley 7th DEF - Bench)

C: Zaka Heppell Smith
Foll: BChambers Shiel ZMerrett
(McGrath , Parish extra mids - Bench)

HF: Langford Daniher Walla
F: Fantasia Z Clarke Stringer
(Begley 7th FWD - bench)

Int : Ridley , McGrath , Parish , Begley

Emg: Myers, Ambrose, Guelfi , Ham

I don't really like Z Clarke in the team .. But his height (stop use being dominated in by defenders) and ability to give TBell a good rest in the ruck is needed now...

So ..
IN: Daniher , Langford , Ridley, Begley
OUT: Guelfi , Ambrose , Myers , Ham

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Jun 11, 2007
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In: Daniher Mynott Langford Ridley
Out: Clarke Tippa Ham Myers

Assume Hurley is ok but if sore then maybe Hartley plays?

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Drop Zaka.
Lazy runner. Chalk and cheese between his efforts and that of the swans
Add Begley for him.

I'd hold Tippa if he's fit and just out of form. He has the ability to explode

Ridley Ambrose Francis
Saad Hurley McGrath
Merrett Heppell Redman
Langford Daniher Guelfi
Fantasia Hooker Stringer
TBC Parish Shiel
McKenna Mynott Smith Tippa*
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Feb 11, 2010
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Time to prove individuals aren’t bigger than the club.

Out: Zaharakis, Myers, Clarke, Ham
In: Mynott, Begley, Ridley, Daniher

Redman Ambrose Francis
McKenna Hurley Saad
McGrath Heppell Parish
Stringer Daniher Smith
Fantasia Hooker Tipungwuti
Bellchambers Merrett Shiel
Ridley Begley Mynott Guelfi


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Mar 18, 2019
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Having had a day or som to calm down from Friday night, I still have no faith Woosha will do anything to help change not only our side, but the way we are going about it.

What needs to happen,
Our defenders are too worried about their man taking a mark, or getting a kick, instead of impacting the contest.
As good as Hurley, Hooker, Ambrose are one on one, they are playing far too selfishly.
There are times when you need to win your 1v1 battle, however when the long balls are coming into a f50 contest they don’t impact. this was evident when on many occasions Sydney talls marked basically uncontested when a pack formed inside 50.

In relation to changes,
What I’d like to see is the coaches make a statement (I’m certain they won’t!)

B: Redman Hurley DEA
Hb: Saad Ambrose Francis
c: Zaharakis Heppell McGrath
Hf: Smith DANIHER Fantasia
FF: Stringer Hooker Tippa
Foll: Tbell Merrett Shiel

Ins: Daniher, Begley, Mcnice, Clarke, Dea

Outs: McKenna (making too many errors, players are kicking goals) needs a spell.
Clarke.Z - genuine Liability
Ham - effort was there, great that he is getting a crack, but he is still a bit off where he needs to get too.
Myers - Just not good enough, has had 1 good game in 10 years. Is not accountable and provides nothing to the side.
Guelfi - can’t fault his effort, would like to see him go back and start impacting the scoreboard.

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Mar 20, 2007
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Comp is so tight that losing a few players is making a bigger difference than usual. There is literally no easy games anymore.

Our lack of forwards has probably cost us two games.

In: Daniher, Ridley, Langdon,
Out: Francis, Myers, Ham,

Rotate Smith, Merrett, Parish, Guelfi forward pocket.
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May 8, 2015
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Comp is so tight that losing a few players is making a bigger difference than usual. There is literally no easy games anymore.

Our lack of forwards has probably cost us two games.

In: Daniher, Ridley, Langdon,
Out: Francis, Myers, Ham,

Rotate Smith, Merrett, Parish, Guelfi forward pocket.
Langford needs a long spell in the twos now. He’s so far out of his depth at AFL level. If he’s not hitting targets, he serves no purpose at all. Would much rather see Clarke get a go
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