Round Round 9 Matchday Discussion

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Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 25, 2007
AFL Club
Jiath was rough, spent around 30 mins off the ground.
Actually did OK under the circumstances in the end.

Yep, low game time after the knock.

The bigger worry for me was that the lower scores he's had (Saturday included) were hugely influenced by the Hawks choosing to play entirely up the opposite side of the ground to what he was on for a whole quarter or longer, meaning the ball comes back into defence on the opposite side to him as well. He ends up relegated to being a spectator just locking down on his opponent.

He got his way to 40 from just 50% game time then lost 6 just prior to HT due to the 50m penalty, barely got a possession for the next quarter and a half with the ball on the opposite side of the ground to be 41 deep into the 3Q, then managed to scrape another 20 points entirely in the last 7-8 minutes of the match from just 2-3 big plays.

His body is mature enough, he scores well enough and fast enough to be a keeper, but his scores can be really crippled solely by the way the Hawks choose to transition out of defence.

He's one of my hardest medium-term trade calls because he's currently at a price where he's such a cheap upgrade, but it's also entirely possible that he outscores any 'premo' defender you trade him to over the rest of the year, or puts in a series of 50/80 level scores and plunges in value.

Compounding that, he and Cumming are my D5/6, they've both been awesome value picks - every time I have the luxury to consider upgrading them, they put in another 'premo level' score. Cumming outscored anyone I can feasibly (due to byes) trade him to on the weekend and like Jiath, he's at that stage of his career where there's considerable improvement left in his game.

Quite the quandary, but far from the worst problem to have I guess. ;)

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Brownlow Medallist
May 12, 2013
AFL Club
When will we get a Sam Frost memorial round?
u know u want it
Bloke's already got a memorial dedicated to him, what more could you ask for?
Mt Frostmore.png

Mt Goatmore: (L - R: Sam Frostgoat, three other inconsequential pricks not fit to carry the great man's jockstrap, one of them looks like Lethal haha)
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