Game Day Round 9 - The Tim Kelly XXII vs The Kelly-less XXII - Sat 1/8 @ 6.10pm @ Shandong Gold Stadium

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Smeg Head

Just take a bite
May 26, 2005
AFL Club
West Coast
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South Fremantle
A light dusting of purple lols
I ******* cannot stand the eagles. Everything about them, their arrogant fans and biased umps and every bit of luck flowing their way. Media fawning over them while Pretending we don’t even exist. Listen to Brayshaw sucking up to Trevor Nesbitt at the end there. Did he forget about what that lying prick said about his nephew after the king hit from Gaff??

We need to just start putting in some big performances on the field and give our fans some hope for the rest of the season. Couldn’t give a stuff about the draft. Big successful sides don’t worry about draft picks. I just want to see us win some bloody games
I think it was Cripps two feet outside the boundary hitting up Darling for a goal , Richo mentioned it but was greeted by silence by the two AFL suck holes sitting beside him, the boundary ump two meters away, how do you miss that sh*t.
How's Naitanui going to deal with Ratugolea this half.

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