Preview Rounds 21-23


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 12, 2007
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Port Adelaide
R21 v Sydney (15th) @ AO
R22 v North (13th) @ Marvel
R23 v Fremantle (11th) @ AO

All of our opponents are placed lower than us on the ladder and 2/3 of our remaining H&A season games are at home. It's a pretty nice draw when you consider the teams directly above/below us. We would have to be very unlucky to not make it to September action if we can win all three of those games and I'm optimistic with the way we played against Essendon. What do you guys think?

For context: the Crows (8th) have West Coast (2nd, away), Collingwood (6th, home) and Bulldogs (10th, away). Essendon (7th) have Bulldogs (10th, home), Fremantle (11th, away) and Collingwood (6th, away). Bulldogs (10th) have Essendon (7th, away), and GWS (5th, away), Adelaide (8th, Ballarat).

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Kiss from a Rozee

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Nov 23, 2018
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Port Adelaide
Win win win

I don’t think we’ll get much further than we did in 2013 but I’d love to see us play finals this year.

I was really hoping to see Watts play but it really feels like he doesn’t have enough time given he’d probably need a couple of weeks at SANFL level.


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Jul 1, 2017
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Easy run home? Teams above have. Shared draw? Make the finals you say?

This is exactly the type of situation where our club manages to fail to do what is required. When it is actually easy to obtain we seem to fall over ourselves.

We should make the 8 but I am certainly not putting my house on it.

Would be nice for a change.


Premium Platinum
Sep 3, 2002
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Port Adelaide
W/L - L - W. I think the last two are largely fixed. This week comes down to if Ken can resist being Ken and not drop a tall or rush back Wines. If he’s able to go George and do the opposite of what he thinks should be done we’ll win otherwise lose.

As for making the eight I’m undecided between we make it, just to wreck us by having more of Hinkley or another case of just miss and instead more spin on ‘Youth! Youth! injuries! And did we say youth! yet?’

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Feb 27, 2002
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Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Port Adelaide
I think we would have a better chance if we were playing the teams above us, as Port are mentally fragile.


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Apr 10, 2014
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Port Adelaide
Hopefully Freo lose to St Kilda or Essendon so that they’re out of contention by Round 23. Plus, being at home usually means it’s our turn to beat Freo.

Sydney were unlucky to lose last week so they really worry me, especially in the wet and the likelihood of a letdown by us after such a good win last week.

North will be very tough and I’m already having visions of Pittard & Polec kicking goals ala Ben Jacobs in 2014.

We need to win all 3 just to sure and it’s unlikely this team does that. If we don’t get to 12 wins then our best hope is we win 2 more and hope Crows or Bulldogs don’t pass us.

All this...just for a chance to play most probably GWS away. Best case scenario is our young players get a taste of finals action.


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 9, 2007
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Port Adelaide
Have we considered that the players have such a connection with the supporters that the pressure to win at home for the fans gets to them?

Any Sydney Freeo should be wins, North who knows.

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