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With the new Super Rugby season only a few months away I've put together a few simple rules.

1. No offensive behavour.

That means no unwarranted bad langage within posts (the odd slip in context will be forgiven)Also any posts that are deemed to be legally questionable will be removed.

2. No abusing other posters.

Have a problem with another poster than take it to PM's. We DON'T want to see personal abuse on this board, warranted or not. So either abuse someone in private (which we also don't like to see but can't stop) and away from the public eye or if you feel a poster warrants abuse - report them to the mod of this board.

3. No trolling

Of either another poster or another sport. If you feel someone posting is trolling you, please use the "report post" option rather than getting into a "fight" with another poster.

4. Article posting rules.

Please follow the Big Footy guidline.

That is: Put head line in as such:

All Blacks choke in World Cup final

Add link as such:

Enter first paragragh as such:

Pawtucket Patriot and his fellow big footy posters celebrated tonight as the All Blacks choked in the 2011 World Cup final losing 64-53 in a try-less final at Auckland's Eden Park. The AB's had smashed all before them before losing to England in a high scoring but dour struggle in front of 64,000 fans.

5. Suggestions

This is our board, not mine, and if you have any suggestions to improve and enhance it, please feel free to put some forward.

6. Reporting posts When you report a post please just give a reason for the report. There is no need to ask if I have seen it because the chances are I probably haven't.

7 Illegal Streams and Downloads Just a reminder that these are strictly forbidden. Linking, discussing, asking for links etc.
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