Test Rugby Rugby World Cup - Japan 2019 Final: England v South Africa


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Sep 22, 2011
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A World Cup South Africa deserved and needed tbh. Probably as big as 95.


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Nov 15, 2010
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Nice work South Africa, their draw with NZ earlier in the year and their thumping of Australia gave a hint of more to come. The pool match against the Kiwis showed they were in with a chance and that they had a few improvements yet to come. The way they played the subsequent pool games and then the change of tactics at half-time vs Japan indicated there was more to the Springboks' brainstrust than a lot of pundits gave them credit for. The Springboks were putting pieces of a puzzle in place all year and it all came together in the final. I think they would have strangled anyone they came up against in the final, including New Zealand, as it was all leading up to this.

Can they follow this victory up with dominance à la the Wallabies in '91 and '99 and the All Blacks in '11 and '15? Or will this be the high point and then they'll trail off as they did after '95 and '07 or as England did in '03? Time will tell.

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May 29, 2008
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South Africa would have to be one of the weaker winners this time around. Oh well as long as England didnt win is all that matters.
Lol, how so? Best defence in this world cup, best line out and best scrum. Combined with their fantastic kicking game those are most of the ingredients you need to be great.


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May 3, 2003
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Good win for SA. Always had the power to match England. Dull game overall with so much whistle, but that's the nature of such a huge game.


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Aug 20, 2014
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France were quite unlucky in 2011 tbf, if it wasn't for being on home soil NZ probs wouldn't have won that final had it been in another country
Remember that final.France where all over the AB's in the second half.

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