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Feb 6, 2003
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BigFooty is sort of divided into levels of acceptable hostility.

Bay 13 is the board which tolerates the highest level of hostility of all the boards in BigFooty - you can basically troll opposition teams and players at will. Just don't attack the poster or swear too much. Also there is an undefinable limit to taste which mods will allow and we reserve the right to exercise our judgement as to when someone has gone too far. An example might be celebrating an injury to a player.

The main board tolerates a moderate level of hostility. You can voice your opinion on opposition teams and players - even quite radical opinions as long as it is not judged to be trolling simply to evoke responses. Some posters can get quite heated in their responses (it is an emotive subject at times) and the moderators step in and decide 'this has gone too far' - they cut the whole thread and move it to Bay 13 or more frequently they simply delete the lot.

The club boards (such as the St Kilda board) are "safe houses" - visitors cannot go visit a club board and troll or post offensive or disrespectful stuff.

I admit it does depend somewhat on the mood of the moderator but we strive to be consistent in our actions:
- warning (0 points) for offenders judged to be disrespectful or offensive with no adverse history
- 1 pt infraction for a repeated minor offense or to alert poster that they are misbehaving
- yellow card (3 pts) for most offensive behavior,
- red card (5pts) for truly offensive trolling or repeat offences.

Some posters will be permanently banned from access to this board or BigFooty as a whole

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Feb 6, 2003
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The St Kilda board is a safe house for St Kilda supporters.

It is a privilege to post here, not a right.

St Kilda supporters are asked to be courteous and respectful to/of each other and the club and its players / coaches.

A higher standard is expected of visitors. We generally enjoy having visitors adding to our discussion. We also enjoy some controversy and pregame banter - as long as it is all done respectfully. Use common sense and apply normal social skills. The rules are just meant to keep the board enjoyable for everyone and not just a few. So have fun and remember that this is a shared community and certainly not a platform for your gripes, grievances or opinions. So take it easy, get to know people, build a rapport and your experience will be so much better as you will become part of our community.

If you post here you are agreeing not to use content that is defamatory, hateful, threatening, offensive, racist, sexist, contains adult or objectionable content, encourages dangerous or unlawful activity or can be interpreted as spam.

  1. Always make new posters feel welcome
  2. (a) The Saints board is for football related discussion - keep it footy related or take it to the Animal Enclosure for social discussion.
    (b) The Animal Enclosure is for non-football related discussion.
    (c) The Players Board lists up to date information on all our players.
  3. No personal abuse. Treat your fellow posters with respect. If you disagree with something someone said - GO THE BALL NOT THE MAN - explain how you see the issue without attacking the poster.
  4. No swear filter evasion. There are underage readers and other readers who are offended by swearing or explicit language
  5. Spamming = Ban
  6. Trolling from opposition supporters is not tolerated. Infractions are likely to be extensive.
  7. Differences of opinion are perfectly fine. Flame Wars are not. Sniping others is not.
  8. Topics that have been done to death. Moderators will merge multiple threads dealing with the same topic. Please check for existing threads before starting a new thread. If you have something genuinely new to add then feel free to start a new thread.
  9. This board has been set up for supporters of the St Kilda FC. Please refrain from excessive or exaggerated criticism of St Kilda players, club personnel or the St Kilda FC itself. This board has a variety supporters who all hold individual views on how important or talented our players are. Posters have been known to exaggerate to stress their point. It is a common practice that will no longer be tolerated. We will edit or delete posts describing players as "useless" or "talentless" or any other exaggerated negative criticism. Similarly do not use excessive criticisms of club personnel (such as a coach or board member) or imply corruption or incompetence without significant proof. Do not unduly criticise the club. These actions can be hurtful to the individual involved or family members / friends thereof. Further they can result in legal action by the slandered person. Repeat offenders risk being permanently excluded from this board. Reasonable criticism is perfectly OK - especially when made in an immediate post match context.
  10. Saying you were only joking after you have been infracted = bad luck.
    If you are not sure and don't make it clear, then don't post it.
  11. St Kilda supporters are perfectly entitled to be arrogant on our own board.
    Opposition supporters criticising our supporters for arrogant posts on the Saints Board will probably be given an infraction. :eek:
  12. If a St Kilda supporter has been trolling your board then please inform your moderator to deal with that individual. If opposition supporters think that coming to the Saints Board to revenge trolls committed on their own board is a valid excuse for trolling our Board, then think again. Serious Infractions will be given to all opposition trolls regardless of provocation. You have your own mods to deal with that.
  13. Rules For Posting Newspaper (Media) Articles on BigFooty
    Headline (embedded link)
    Excerpt (up to a paragraph)

    No more, unless you have specific remarks about specific paragraphs or sentences in which case:

    Your comment
    More comment

    Entire articles are not to be posted.
  14. The moderators aren't robots and don't necessarily read every post. If you see something that you take offense with or is a breach of the forum rules - Report the post and Armitage2Riewoldt , George or Kildonan will attend to it.
Once more, if you are not sure ...don't post it. Or at the very least ask a moderator

In addition to this, please note that all posters must adhere to the rules outlined by the BigFooty 12 Commandments

It is your responsibility to know and abide by these rules. Playing the "I didn't know the rules" card is NOT an excuse.

and for some tips on how to do a bunch of things see here: How do I .....?
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Nov 30, 2012
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Enough is enough with the personal attacks on this board!

This Big Footy board is a safe place for St Kilda supporters to discuss all things about our team and express different views.
This is NOT Bay 13 or the main AFL board so please tone it down.

We, the moderators of this board, Kildonan Armitage2Riewoldt and I have observed a large increase in the number of posters potting each other for little or no reason.

We have now recently received a number of complaints from respected posters about the demise of this board and we are genuinely concerned.
We are not about to stand by and see this board deteriorate into a daily / weekly slanging match between particular posters.


We refer you to the list of Golden Rules clearly articulated by Kildonan above.

Of particular note is rule number 3. No personal abuse. Treat your fellow posters with respect. If you disagree with something someone said - GO THE BALL NOT THE MAN - explain how you see the issue without attacking the poster.

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