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Cheers PhenomenalV1 for the jumper designs..



Founded in Season 4, three Essendon Board members dougthelegend, waspy and StealthBomber would prove pivotal in the formation of a Club in the fledgling Sweet F.A, providing a team for Bomber fans only. With dougthelegend appointed Captain, the first season was immediately successful, the club finishing on top of the ladder at the end of the home and away year. The success was short-lived as the Finals campaign ended in heartbreak, pipped at the post by the Roys in the Grand Final.

Bottoming out the next year to pick up the only wooden spoon in the Club's history with just 3 wins, it was not until Season 7 that the Bombers established themselves as Premiership contenders. Under the new Captaincy of ant555 the Club would secure a historical first premiership.


A name change two seasons removed from their first ultimate success would see the newly branded Baghdad Bombers pick up another Grand Final win under the Season 9 joint leadership of doggiesin08 and loopy_cam . From Season 10 onwards the Bombers would strangely be a serious Premiership contender only every second year. This trend would end in Season 14 with the Bombers third Premiership win, and the next season where the team finished Minor Premiers. Two years out of Finals would entice the leadership into another rebrand, and in Season 18 the newly minted Baghdad Bandits would finish 2nd in another ultimately unsuccessful campaign.


The final 3 years of the Bandits would see another less than satisfying Finals push in Season 20, and a significant end of some of Baghdad's biggest playing careers.

Steered by Club legend beez, the Bandits entered one of the most impactful transitions in the team's history. The new direction would eventuate in a rewire of the entire organisation, beginning with a return to the heritage of the Bombers in Season 22, the idea led by emerging Vice Captain HaroLad . The on field success that was hoped to return with the rebrand did not materialise in a disappointing campaign that saw the team finish 10th, but indicated the direction the Club was heading with veteran stars of the League like beez, Shermy and itsmyshow stepping back for the new core group of players such as KohPhi and dennis crumpet to take control of the Club's future.

In Season 23,HaroLad took the reigns from beez and the playing list was rejuvenated by an influx of over 10 rookies, signalling a time of massive change in Baghdad. Future stars TheCoach16,TonyLynn15 and PhenomenalV1 made their mark.
The new look Bombers fought through controversy and drama throughout the year to claim the Bomber's fourth Grand Final victory in HaroLad 's first season in charge at the club.

S.24 begun poorly for the Bombers on field slumping to 1-6 early on in the season. New rookies BEEG and Dawn to Dark were taking the SFA by storm and TonyLynn15 and TheCoach16 moved into elite posting territory which kept the off field renaissance of the club going.
A late season surge saw the Bombers sneak into the 8 but controversy and suspensions throughout the season threatened to derail what was a magnificent effort.
With Skipper Harolad suspended for the GF, the KohPhi led Bombers dominated the Grand Final claiming the SFA's first back to back flags

S.25 saw new recruits nahnah, CALL ME SNAKE and Matty411 join the club and try and be a part of an SFA first, a 3 peat.
It was also a season of milestones as the Club celebrated 21 completed seasons in the League. The iDon hall of fame was launched with inaugural inductees iDon, ant555, loopy_cam, beez and dougthelegend honoured.
The Bombers entered the finals in 6th position but alas, the magical 3peat was not meant to be and they bowed out in the second week after a loss to the Dragons. Future Bombers Captain Matty411 capped off a stellar debut season with a Runner Up in the prestigious rookies EKA award.

S.26 started off with a bang with several high profile recruits joining the Bombers. _Cayz_, Cheval, Argus Tuft and akkaps all made their way to Baghdad in what was hoped would be a successful season on and off the ground. The season had the worst possible start with the Bombers going 0-5 with some terrible losses. However, with a late season surge, we were in a position to make the Top 8 with a win in the final round against the Wonders, but the fairy-tale ending was not to be. The ends of the season saw inspirational skipper, the much loved and lauded KohPhi stand down and make way for a new regime under the guidance of Co-Captains Tony Lynn 15 and TheCoach16.


Season 7
Grand Final BigFooty Bombers 18.18.126 def Fighting Furies 18.12.120

Premiership Squad:
B: Koala - Mantis - Jnash196
HB: mbuck - Dave 27 - bomber_girl
C: Mercs - Ant555 (C) - godons81
HF: oldmav - boncer34 - Philzsay
F: DaSawx - dougthelegend (VC) - danzan22
R: nonchalance - Jules101 - BomberAus
INT: Jaymin - Waspy​

Season 9
Grand Final East Side Hawks 13.7.85 wdb Baghdad Bombers 18.15.123

Premiership Squad:
B: Ben the Gooner - Mantis - gothedons18
HB: wasupwidat - loopy_cam (C) - Eddiesmith
C: Tristo - High Ryder - GreaT SourcE
HF: Shadow Man - OldMav - efl represent
F: retroparty - HawkPatrol - dougthelegend
R: doggiesin08 - Bachar Houli - Ant555 (VC)
INT: GuzzLG - Lovett Lover 13​

Season 14
Grand Final Mount Buller Demons 3.9.27 wdb Baghdad Bombers 7.6.48

Premiership Squad:
B: L_W_P - doggiesin08 - The Doctor 23
HB: lukedarcy14 - Jonts - leet11
C: ThePuppetMaster - hepp hepp hooray - beez
HF: Bomber Bears - thomas_m18 - Sausageroll
F: goodie23 - matt121 - OldMav
R: Shadow Man - Gee Dub - loopy_cam (C)
INT: ant555 - MkCaptain​

Season 23
Grand Final Fighting Furies : 14.4.88 wdb Baghdad Bombers : 21.10.136

Premiership Squad :
B: saintkildaman - Shermy - ctacp
HB: arrowman - beez - Biggy_Boy
C: TheCoach16 - Tony Lynn 15 - PhenomenalV1
HF: Trust_in_sps - burningdwarf - ant555
F: iDon - Itsmyshow - GJD23
R: KohPhi - HaroLad - miggs
INT: cm_perfect - Stan The Caddy​

Season 24
Grand Final East Side Hawks : 15.7.97 wdb Baghdad Bombers : 23.12.150

Premiership Squad
B: George - adammania9 - beez
HB: UnitedWarrior93 -HumanMeatball
- Daniel McL
C: LicoriceAllsorts - Tony Lynn 15 - TheCoach16
HF: iDon - Dawn to Dark - Citroin
F: okeydoke7 - BEEG - Shermy
R: KohPhi - ant555 - miggs
INT: HoweDanGood - billingsnumber​


Club Captains
- dougthelegend
S5- waspy
S6- dougthelegend
S7- ant555 (Premiers)
S8- High Rider
S9- doggiesin08, loopy_cam (Premiers)
S10- loopy_cam, sausageroll
S11- sausageroll
S12- loopy_cam
S13- loopy_cam
S14- loopy_cam (Premiers)
S15- beez
S16- Gee Dub
S17- Gee Dub
S18- Gee Dub
S19- iBeng, Shermy
S20- Shermy
S21- beez
S22- beez
S23- HaroLad (Premiers)
S24- Harolad (Premiers)
S25- KohPhi
S.26- KohPhi

ant555 Medal Winners - Best and Fairest
S5- Brisbane Bombers
S6- ant555
S7- boncer34 (Premiers)
S8- boncer34
S9- loopy_cam (Premiers)
S10- sausageroll
S11- TBA
S12- TBA
S13- Shadow Man
S14- Shadow Man (Premiers)
S15- The Puppet Master
S16- The Puppet Master
S17- Gee Dub
S18- Gee Dub
S19- beez , cammo6556
S20- bigeasy
S21- WFL
S22- dennis crumpet
S23- miggs, KohPhi (Premiers)
S24- KohPhi (Premiers)
S.25- TheCoach16
S.26 - Matty411

Loopy_cam Best Clubman
S.20 beez
S.21 Harolad
S.22 Harolad
S.23 KohPhi (Premiers)
S.24 TonyLynn15 (Premiers)
S.25- Tony Lynn15 and Matty411
S.26 Crowmyzone (Argus Tuft)

Baghdad Bombers Best Rookie
S.21 WFL,, KohPhi and Dennis Crumpet
S.22 (tba)
S.23 (tba)
S.24 (tba)
S.25 - Matty411
S.26 - not awarded

Baghdad Bombers Captains Award
S.21 (tba)
S.22 (tba)
S.23 (tba)
S.24 (tba)
S.26 - MAtty411

dougthelegend Medal (Leading goal scorer)
dougthelegend (128)
S.5 Brisbane Bombers (68)
S.6 Brisbane Bombers (50)
S.7 nonchalance (46) (Premiers)
S.8 High Rider (34)
S.9 High Rider (28) (Premiers)
S.10 HawkPatrol (47)
S.11 HawkPatrol (65)
S.12 loopy_cam (34)
S.13 Farrand (43)
S.14 Matt121 (38) (Premiers)
S.15 okeydoke7 (36)
S.16 okeydoke7 (61)
S.17 iBeng (73)
S.18 iBeng (72)
S.19 Loopy_Cam
S.20 Itsmyshow (76)
S.21 Itsmyshow (40)
S.22 Harolad (40)
S.23 Itsmyshow (51) (Premiers)
S.24 PhenomenalV1 (28) (Premiers)
S.25- BEEG (51)
S.26 - BEEG (62)

All SFA Representatives
- Season, 14, 15, 19, 20, 22 - beez
3 - Season 15, 16, 17 - Gee Dub
3 - Season 9, 12, 13 - loopy_cam
2 - Season 9, 10 - Hawk Patrol
2 - Season 17, 18 - iBeng
2 - Season 10, 11 - EFL Boy
2 - Season 10, 11 - sausageroll
2 - Season 9, 10 - doggiesin08
2 - Season 15, 16 - ThePuppetMaster
2 - Season 23, 24 - Harolad
2 - Season 24, 25 - Tony Lynn 15
1 - Season 4 - Mantis
1 - Season 4 - Stegelator
1 - Season 4 - dougthelegend
1 - Season 13 - Farrand
1 - Season 14 - Matt121
1 - Season 14 - Shadow Man
1 - Season 16 - okeydoke7
1 - Season 20 - Itsmyshow
1 - Season 22 - dennis crumpet
1 - Season 24 - KohPhi

Sweet F.A Hall Of Fame
- boncer34
S16 - boncer34 (named Immortal)
S14 - dougthelegend
S22 - beez
S25 - ant555

Mobbenfuhrer Medal
- Stegelator

TFLUA - Tiger Medal (Best Player as voted by the Committee)
- Gee Dub
S24 - KohPhi

Frankston Rover Medal
- loopy_cam

Alf Andrews Medal
- iBeng
S18 - iBeng
S20 - Itsmyshow

Deestroy Medal
- ant555
S23- Itsmyshow
S24 - ant555

iDon Baghdad Bombers Hall of Fame
- iDon
S25 - ant555
S25 - beez
S25 - dougthelegend
S25 Loopy_Cam


1. Cheval
2. beez
3. Matty411(LG)
4. nahnah (LG)
5. _Cayz
8. iDon
9. UnitedWarrior93
10. Dadadadaaaaaa
12. Argus Tuft
15. Tony Lynn 15 (LG)
16. TheCoach16 (LG)
18. arrowman
21. LicoriceAllsorts
23. George
33. Eth-dog
35. Blue__Balls
37. Shermy
43. KohPhi (Captain)
50. ctacp
88. Citroin
40.Daniel McL
69. BEEG (LG)
77. Baird
80.I bleed Blue
. akkaps


_Cayz_ (Furies)
Cheval (Swamprats
ArgusTuft (Bears)
akkaps (Furies)
I bleed Blue (returning old timer)
Blue__Balls (rookie)


Okeydoke7 (Wonders)
HumanMeatball (delisted)
Adammania9 (Delisted)
billingsnumber (Delisted)​


Bombers Games
beez plays 250 in R.10
KohPhi plays 100 in R.7
BEEG plays 50 in R.11
Daniel McLellan plays 50 in R.11
Licoriceallsorts plays 50 in R.12
ctacp plays 50 in R.13
_Cayz_ plays 100 SFA games in R.12

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Round 1 - 29 July 2018 (Opening Round)
Gold City Royals vs Baghdad Bombers at The Golden Throne

Round 2 - 5 August 2018
Fighting Furies vs Baghdad Bombers at rfctigerarmy's hippodrome

Round 3 - 12 August 2018
Baghdad Bombers vs Dragons FFC at Abdu Prison

Round 4 - 19 August 2018
Baghdad Bombers vs Coney Island Warriors at Abdu Prison

Round 5 - 26 August 2018
Baghdad Bombers vs Gumbies FFC at Abdu Prison

Round 6 - 2 September 2018
West Coast Wonders vs Baghdad Bombers at The Colosseum

Round 7 - 9 September 2018
Baghdad Bombers vs East Side Hawks at Abdu Prison

Round 8 - 16 September 2018 (Heritage Round)
Roys FFC vs Baghdad Bombers at Renown Park

Round 9 - 23 September 2018
Baghdad Bombers vs Las Vegas Bears at Abdu Prison

Round 10 - 30 September 2018
Sin City Swamprats vs Baghdad Bombers at Underground Stadium

Round 11 - 7 October 2018
Mount Buller Demons vs Baghdad Bombers at Snow Dome

Round 12 - 14 October 2018
Baghdad Bombers vs Gold City Royals at Abdu Prison

Round 13 - 21 October 2018
Baghdad Bombers vs Fighting Furies at Abdu Prison

Round 14 - 28 October 2018
Dragons FFC vs Baghdad Bombers at Dragon Island

Round 15 - 4 November 2018
Coney Island Warriors vs Baghdad Bombers at Van Cortlandt Park

Round 16 - 11 November 2018
Gumbies FFC vs Baghdad Bombers at House Of Gumby
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Jump in here lads and ladettes for all our off season and S.26 chat.

Firstly, welcome new Bombers _Cayz_ , ArgusTuft, Cheval Blue__Balls and akkaps to the Club as well as returning Bomber I bleed Blue.

I would also like to introduce our LG for S.26
Myself, Tony Lynn 15, TheCoach16, nahnah and newcomers BEEG, Matty411 and CALL ME SNAKE. A great combination of old heads and emerging Club leaders.

I'd like to also thank departing Bombers LicoriceAllsorts who is having a break from the SFA (but will remain on our list), and okeydoke7 and HumanMeatball who leave as Premiership players. Cheers and good luck lads.

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My first full season coming up. My first stint in the SFA I just drifted through not really paying attention or rocking up for training ir matches.

This year....

Well, welcome I guess.... also I’ve reported your gif for avoiding the swear filter


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Sep 16, 2015
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My first full season coming up. My first stint in the SFA I just drifted through not really paying attention or rocking up for training ir matches.

This year....

Welcome to the Bombers, IBB. Being a Carlton man, I’m sure you already know this, but I’m a pretty big deal. So if there’s anything you need, you come talk to me...
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