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Oh hello there, you perfectly well-proportioned and high-quality poster you! And hello to TJASTA as well.

Now that the glow of S26 premiership glory has turned to an everlasting smugness, I’ve decided to launch a new
SFA Qooty Tipping competition for S27, and I’m inviting YOU to put your SFA expertise to the test.

Each H&A round in S27, I’ll post the upcoming matches, including MOTR. All YOU have to do is to post your tips for each
match in this here thread for all to see, along with a margin for the MOTR.

Final tips are to be submitted by the team sheet submission deadline each round.

"What's in it for me?" I hear you asking. Well just LOOK AT THE GODDAMN PRIZES:
  • Each round, the tipster who records the best tipping result (if multiple posters land on the same number of tips,
    margin of the MOTR will be used to find a winner) will win the opportunity to select an avatar for the person who has
    the worst tipping result for that same round. This avatar is to be carried like a millstone of shame for one whole week,
    and squibs will be frowned upon.
  • At the end of the season, the tipster who has the most correct tips (again, if it’s a tie we’ll look at margin) will win a
    shiny new badge thanks to Fizzler. Everyone loves a badge, right?
  • Something something about smug satisfaction of winning and bragging rights or whatever...
How do you join? Simply let me know in the thread below and I'll sign you up. Sign-ups will finish before the first round
of S27 or when I feel like we've got a good number of participants.


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