Official Match Thread S29 Round 4 - Baghdad Bombers v Gumbies FFC @ Abdu Prison


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Jul 19, 2019
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The Bombers and Gumbies had been feuding for years, but after a domestic dispute between the grizzled Gumbies leader and their youngest member/prophecised chosen one, the bombers had swept in and manipulated the young gumbie to switch sides. This filled the Gumbies camp with anger that could not be contained and as such they vowed to lay waste to the prison in which the young Gumbie was supposedly being held.

The bombers caught wind of this impending attack and sent Antonio BlueVein as an emissary to the Gumbies headquarters to try and negotiate terms of peace. Barrybran wasnt having this whatsoever and he ordered ABV to be taken as a prisoner. He would make a fine addition to the human pyramid Baz was planning once they captured more Bombers. The Bombers were now without one of their senior figures and when ABV didnt return within the day the Bombers assumed the worst. They thought the Gumbies to be predictable and would attack from the north so the bombers set up their ground forces further up from Abdu Prison to repell the Gumbies before they even got close.

The Gumbies however, confident in victory, saw this as an opportunity to eliminate a good portion of the bombers force before they even made it to Abdu. Baz raided the Gumbies coffers and bought a fleet of Apache Helicopters. Apache helicopters are more durable than plastic and clay you see, so a victory was all but assured in Baz' mind. The Gumbies geared up and began the flight to Abdu.

As they approached the outer limits of Bagdhad, Baz could see enemy soldiers scurring between bushes. "AHA! Got you now you Bomber bastards" he thought, but before long that joy turned to dread as the bushes were pulled away to reveal a number of anti aircraft weapons. Before Baz could alert his soldiers plumes of smoke erupted from the AA and missiles were hurtling towards him and his men. Baz pulled up hard to avoid the first volley, but one clipped his rear rotor. He began to spin out of control and managed to catch a glimpse of his men who had been following him. All were hit almost at once and they fell from the sky. All but one. GWS Goose had managed to avoid instant death but was descending fast. He tried to correct course, but he knew it was too late so instead he aimed for the Bombers AA stationed below him. firing all rockets and miniguns as he hurtled towards the enemy. In a flash he impacted the ground but had managed to destroy all the ground forces somehow.

Baz had crashed into the roof of Abdu prison and was mostly unharmed. Equipped with his sidearm he made his way into the prison, searching for either his young gumbie, or someone he could release his rage onto. The Bombers had taken everything from him, Now he would take everything from them. Baz rounded a corner to find an open labeled "WaynesWorld19's office". drawing his weapon he cautiously opened the door to find Wayneo sat in a large red leather chair with his best shit eating grin on. "WHERES MY ROOKIE!" screamed baz. A smug chuckle followed by two words that would chill baz to his core rang out into his skull. "He's dead". without hesitation Baz let a shot loose into the chest of the Bombers leader. He then pointed his weapon skyward and unloaded his entire clip, just like that really cool scene from that one movie with the bloke who plays john wick, you know the one.

"Captain?..." Barry turned around to find a disheveled TalkingFootyNow1223 stood in the doorway. Wayne had lied when he said he was dead. "I- I'm s-so sorry C-captain. I didn't know..." TFN stuttered

"shhhhh young rookie. No more tears." Baz said as he comforted the rookie. They had been united, now they just had to escape this fortress.

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Looks like your mob has gone soft. It's been 12 minutes and there are fewer than 25 posts.
You give us too little credit Baz and we will certainly make up for this lost 12 mins shortly

Ninja edit: Awesome write up AuntyBlindEye. Was worth the wait

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