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Opinion SA drafts vs Best

Discussion in 'Adelaide' started by Bovo, Nov 8, 2018.

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    I read the other day with interest that Port would be going for the best player in regards to how they see the order whether he is from SA or not.

    With our first few picks: do we do a Dangerfield over Ebert or just get the best SA kid that is available at that pick? Take into consideration that this draft is full of SA boys who will be available throughout the first few rounds. We also have a nasty habit of being unable to retain good interstate players (we keep our share but still seem to lose a good one every year).

    To start off: I feel this is our best chance in a very long time to set our future up. 4 picks in the top 21 of a super draft? I would be going with whomever is the best and if he is an SA boy that is the cherry. If it is much of a muchness and comes with the right attitude, go the SA boy.


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  2. BRL121

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    Jun 14
    You don't need to start a thread for this. The bolded is correct and is the time-honoured method for the AFC: that won't change, once the picks are settled. The only uncertain point is whether farms will be sold to get up the order: that has been repetitively done to death in other threads.
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