"Sack Goodwin!"

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Oct 19, 2013
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I don't have much faith in Goodwin. Not really sure what his attributes are, and like everyone else, can't stand his pressers. The only thing he is touted to be good at is "relationships" and I guess the lack of rumors of players leaving or discontent amongst the group after the horrible year can be used as evidence of that.

I'm being optimistic hoping he was being heavily influenced tactically by Jennings and McCartney and that their replacements will help fix the game plan. Also hoping Burgess can elevate the 2 way running of our mids.

Stability can be very important, and something we have lacked in the last decade. This is all i see Goodwin providing at this stage. If how we are playing depends on having our best 22 fit or if the team is playing way differently than he wants, it shows he is a bad coach. If his gameplan is derived heavily from assistant coaches it shows he has no tactical nous, but we might be able to change in the future. This is what i'm hoping for.


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Feb 21, 2011
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Jared Rivers talking to North - love to bring him back to our coaching panel.

Don't want to go us far as Adelaide in regards to an old boys club, but if it is true that Viney is leaving (heard them talking about it on SEN yesterday morning) then Rivers and Yze might be good at filling the void of past players linked to the club.

Also wonder if Crossy's role might get upgraded - seems to be highly respected, obviously his greatest asset is regarding strength and preparation but he also was a bloody good footballer so may well have the smarts to do a broader coaching role.

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