Unofficial Preview Sack Hinkley

Sack him?

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El Zorro

Mar 4, 2014
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Port Adelaide
It's funny how you can get a picture in your head about someone and then when you meet them they're nothing like it. I'd probably be disappointed if I met you and found out you're not a cross between Antonio Banderas and Justin Westhoff.
I know what you mean, I was very disappointed to find out that janus wasn't a young asian girl.

As for myself, more Banderas than Westhoff ;)

Long live PAFC

Club Legend
Sep 25, 2013
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Port Adelaide
In isolation, Hinkley has plenty of excuses for results this year.

Multiple senior players getting injuries, tough draw at times, minimal experienced depth, Robbie Gray not winning you games off his own boot.

The increasing worry that I have is that our best are getting older, we have minimal mid aged players to take over and we are starting to stare down a ‘rebuild’ without ever getting out of one.

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AFC AFeederClub

Team Captain
Nov 23, 2018
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Port Adelaide
you can never say for sure who might be a good coach but you can say for sure Hinkley's got no idea what he's doing, in that case anyone taking over from him is better than Hinkley


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Jun 19, 2005
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Port Adelaide
Wakelin and Tredders are the only two who seem to be questioning the coach.
Every one else is behind Ken.

Who is "everyone else"? The Cornes brothers? One had his career saved and extended to 300 games by Hinkley, and the other one probably has only Hinkley standing between him having to go and paint houses for a living.
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