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Mar 19, 2008
Narre Warren North
AFL Club
St Kilda
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Shameless alright.
Some super visuals going on there!

A tad better to look at than the ensemble Brian Eno is sporting here!
This was Bryan's reaction when he found out we were not playing port in Melbourne yet again!

Used to be a version of that song from the same session as this, where you could see Manzenera and Eno carefully orchestrating the tape delay effects through the guitar.
Phil got to wear the coolest glasses ever.

How to put a band together.
Get sacked from your job teaching ceramics at a girl school, for running "record listening sessions "
Fail an audition for King Crimson, but impress them enough that they help you set up your own band.
Advertise for a keyboard player, but hire a guy who plays sax and clarinet because he owns a synthesizer.
Hire his mate, because he's good at making noises with the synthesizer.
Hold auditions for guitarists, hire one, and employ one of the fails as a roadie.
Be surprised when the guitarist leaves and the roadie happens to know how to play ever one of the band's songs.

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