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Club Legend
Jun 14, 2015
AFL Club
St Kilda
Just saw the beer discussion in the preview thread. Got me thinking, with many of us stuck at home / only able to watch on tv, unfortunately we cant enjoy the fine $8 watered-down mid-strength that Etihad Stadium has to offer.

Any suggestions of what to drink during Saints games?

*Also open to ideas for before game drinks
**Also open to ideas for after game drinks
***Also open to ideas for non Saints games drinks
****Also open to ideas for when no games are on

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 20, 2009
AFL Club
St Kilda
Carlton Dry for a try.

It's gone long past a "try" by now, but nothing else rhymes. I've got a bad habit of cycling my next beer into the freezer but forgetting it when I go to bed so I'll wake up to burst cans ruining my frozen peas.

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