Toast Saints introduce Reconciliation Action Plan

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Drake Huggins

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May 2, 2018
The ghost of the G.G. Huggins Stand
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St Kilda
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Stoke City, Southampton.
Sporting clubs are amongst the most powerful influencers we have. They have a responsibility to act ethically and in accordance with the values the broader community accepts as reasonable.

Sporting heroes are powerful role models, whether they like it or not. Sport and politics not only mix, but are inextricably locked into a symbiotic relationship where they influence, and can benefit, each other.

Sport will always have the power to influence society because so many individuals are so heavily invested psychologically, financially and emotionally in them.

The dismantling of apartheid was a classic example. Sporting boycotts played a significant role. The very fact that sporting clubs, bodies and individuals command enormous sponsorship dollars is an indication of how significant they are as influencers.

Organisations only put up sponsorship money in the expectation that the influencer will engender certain behaviours in those targeted. As such, our football club has a marvellous opportunity to influence, educate and change behaviour. It has ever been thus, and always will be. Good initiative.


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Nov 12, 2011
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St Kilda
I wasn't judging SaintsSeptember and I hope he doesn't feel that way. I just don't know how anyone can make a judgement about a person based on what they 'look' like. What does a hardened criminal or a rapist or a paedophile look like? Does he mean people that demonstrate similar behaviours?

I think he was saying that people see a young Sudanese male and because some of them are in gangs and cause trouble that people make the assumption that all young male sudanese are criminals. I think he was pointing out that people profile people based on unfair assumptions. I don't think he was being racist. Priests are probably in a similar boat these days.

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Premiership Player
Sep 10, 2006
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St Kilda
We are getting quite a few Sudanese/Somalian people up here in Wodonga now. The only ones you see out are youths, probably because they are unemployed and have nothing to but hang around the shopping centres. You see plenty of girls when they are leaving school at the end of the day, but thats it. Our youngest sons best mate married an African girl, aand she is quite nice, and their kids are cute.

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