Opposition Camp Sam Kerridge Trophy 2019 - pick the opposition spud who will perform against NMFC!

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Wels Eicke

All Australian
Sep 13, 2003
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Narkle to Sparkle in his 1st bloody game in 2019.
Cats supporters been calling for him in the side for weeks.
We will wear the Narkle fury. Min. 3 goals 😢
Narkle for me too. I remember reading in the trades thread his name being thrown up. Here's his opportunity to audition for a spot on our list. I expect him to take it with both hands.

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see see

And don't forget the joker...
May 30, 2007
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Deportivo Wanka
I'd like to nominate Shaggy Guthrie... Or does the fact that he once sped away from Spitta & Cunners make him ineligible?

Image result for Cameron guthrie
Just out of frame was a three toed sloth that sped past Spitta and Cunners to effect a Super Gav Urquart-style run-down tackle. Actually, it may have been Super Gav as he has pretty much the same head to body size ratio as a three toed sloth.

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