Toast Sam Walsh Rnd 4 Rising Star Nominee

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Team Captain
Nov 18, 2007
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One thing I haven't heard anyone mention, is just how amazing Walsh's balance and agility. To me this is his outstanding quality along with endurance.It just annoys me a bit when media and everyone else btw just takes him for granted already because he is just so good and consistent.We have got the absolute jewel in the crown here.


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Jul 12, 2010
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Watched Rozee today.

Credit where it's due. Special player that is also doing rare things for a first year - and like our bloke, he is finishing strongly rather than fading.

Would be a worthy winner in any other year, he's unlucky that we have an even bigger freak.

Fwiw, looking at those judges, despite the betting agency payouts I don't think it's completely done and dusted yet.


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May 22, 2011
The Naughty Corner
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Unbelievably good season, but probably his least effective game for the season.
Yesterday was an unusual match - normal ball movement out the window, replaced by throw your body over the ball and hack it forward.

Interesting that Sam was less effective (compared to his usual super high standard).

Could be that his footy IQ of working out where the ball is going next was not as useful/reliable as usual when there's chaos ball. The boy is a machine....perhaps the rain upsets his circuitry....

Or could just be a coincidence. He is allowed to have matches where he gets < 25-30 touches......But only occasionally ;)

Interested to see how he performs in the next wet-weather match.

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