SANFL 2017 -- Round 13 Wrap-Up

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    Hi Footy fans...

    Most football fans in South Australia, or more to the point those that don't follow the Crows, look upon the Adelaide Football Club with more than a little disdain as of late. Ever since their entry of a reserves side into the SANFL competition, the die-hard SANFL supporters have been up in arms. Most of it due to the belief that the inclusion of the Crows has well and truly compromised the comp, but also because of the club's affirmation of their pulling power of crowds which has so far blew up in their faces. Well this past weekend they would finish the day with an even bigger target on their backs, if you believe what the media have been writing about in regards to the noise levels of a few Westies supporters who let the Crows have it. Since news broke of an "incident" at Richmond, SA footy-heads have seen red. Did the Bloods mob really get under the skin of the Crows officials or fans? We may never know the full truth, but one things for sure, there may be more fence bashing coming up during the next few weeks.

    Welcome to the Round 13 edition of the SANFL Wrap-Up.

    Saturday afternoon action first has us heading to the Prospect Oval for the neighbourly dispute between the Roosters and the Redlegs. It was a tough outing in their last encounter back in the season opener, the Redlegs taking a 22-point win at The Parade after almost letting it slip in an inaccuracy-laden final term where they kicked 2.8. Norwood got back into the winners list last week over at Tiger-land with their 41-point win, while the Roosters went down by six goals to the Blues, though that margin could have been far worse. The Redlegs would find themselves down by two goals at the first change, they kicked 2.1 to 4.1 to begin the afternoon's proceedings and would get a baking from coach Jarrod Cotton at the quarter-time huddle. Whatever he had to say seemed to work, by half-time the scores would be locked at 40 points each after they kicked 4.3 to the Roosters' 2.3. Another thing that seemed to be helping the cause was some questionable umpiring, although the count was actually in North's favour, it was the timing of some of those decisions that drew attention. North managed to kick into the lead part-way through the third quarter, but the 'Legs snatched it back late in the term with their 4.4 to 3.3, a seven-point lead going into the final change. The Redlegs wouldn't relinquish the lead again, the Roosters not giving up hope but ultimately going down by 16 points in a 5.3 to four goal last quarter. Matt Panos was named best afield for Norwood, the Roosters named Lewis Hender as their best on ground.

    The second match for the day takes us further north to the My Money House Oval in Elizabeth where the Bulldogs hosted the Magpies. The Dogs stayed with the Magpies for a half of football at Alberton back in Round 7, the home side turning it on in the second half to kick 10 goals to five and win by 39 points. The Magpies doused the Crows to the tune of eight goals last week at home, while the Dogs were swept aside at a windy Noarlunga by the Panthers, so many thought that with a full complement of AFL-listed players the Magpies would continue on their merry way at the Ponderosa. You could imagine the shock on the terraces when the Bulldogs kicked off to a 15-point lead come quarter-time, they scored 5.4 to Port's 3.1 to kick off the day. The goals stopped coming for the Dogs in the second quarter though, the inaccuracy that has plagued their season continuing to be a problem. Port took a goal off the first change deficit by the long break, kicking two goals to Centrals' six behinds. Take their goal-kicking issues away for a moment, the Dogs attacked this game with a new-found vigour while the 'Pies perhaps came in a little over confident. To the disbelief of the Port faithful that turned up, their charges were kept scoreless in the third quarter while the Dogs added four goals without a miss to lead by 33 points at three quarter-time. The Dogs were forced to go into containment mode late in the final term when the Magpies finally woke up, but their rally was all too late. They kicked 5.2 to the Dogs' 2.3, the home crowd elated when the siren sounded for a 16-point win. Nick Holman was named best for the Bulldogs, Port named Brendon AhChee as their best.

    The third Saturday match was over at Gliderol Stadium in Glenelg, the Tigers facing the Panthers in the SANFL's "Clash of the Cats". Their last stoush saw the Panthers nicking the points after almost giving it up in the final term. The resulting five-point win to South was almost a disaster as they were kept to just two points as the Tigers kicked 6.1 in a desperate attempt to steal the win at Noarlunga. The Panthers sent the Dogs packing back to the north by seven goals last week, while the Tigers were dealt with in similar fashion by the Redlegs. But much like the shock result playing out at Elizabeth, the more fancied Panthers were finding themselves under siege early as the Tigers kicked 5.2 to 1.4 in the opening quarter to be down by 22 points at the first change. South goal-kicking yips continued in the second term, they added 1.6 while the Tigers scored four goals to take their lead out to 34 points by half-time. Panther fans in attendance would be left aghast at what was going on, thinking that their men had finally turned a corner after ending their losing streak. The Tigers were relentless with their defence and pressure, forcing South into skill errors. The efficiency of Glenelg was paying dividends, none more evident than their third quarter when they kept the Panthers to just 1.2 and added a further 4.2 to their tally. The gap was out to 52 points at three quarter-time. At the end of the day, the scoreboard was only even in the amount of scoring shots. But it was a 55-point win to the Tigers, they added 3.3 to South's 2.6 to finish the afternoon. Terry Milera kicked six goals and was named best on ground for Glenelg, Tom Fields was named South's standout.

    The last Saturday arvo match was in the west side of town at the City Mazda Stadium in Richmond, the Bloods taking on the Crows. Back in Round 6 the Bloods still hadn't put a win on the board, their luckless streak continued with a six-goal loss to the Crows at Richmond. But while the Bloods did go down to the Eagles last week after two wins on the trot, the Crows were getting slapped around by the Magpies over at Alberton. The first quarter was a closely fought affair, both sides having a tentative start with the Bloods leading by a point at quarter-time after kicking 2.3 to 2.2. The Crows took over the lead in the second term, they had a better time in front of goal with their six goals without missing whereas the Bloods missed some opportunities for a return of 4.3. The visitors were up by eight points at the long break. When play resumed, the Bloods threw everything they had at the Crows but more inaccuracy stopped them wrestling the lead from them by the final change. But the signs were there that Westies were up for it and it was whipping their fans into a frenzy, the Bloods cut the lead to five points with their 3.4 to 3.1 third term. The signs then turned into roadblocks for the Crows as the Bloods restricted them to just 1.1 and booted 5.3 for themselves to record a 21-point victory. Kaine Stevens was voted best for Westies, the Crows named Miles Poholke as their best on ground.

    The last game for the round was on Sunday afternoon at the Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval in Woodville, where the Eagles faced off against the Double Blues. The Eagles caught the Blues in the middle of their early season premiership hangover, a 14-point win at Unley the third victory out from seven on the trot prior to their one and only loss for the year against Norwood. The reigning premiers would cop one more after that, after losing to Port in Round 5 the Blues would go on to win every match in front of them up to this point including their six-goal victory over North last week. The Eagles also came into this on the back of a win, interrupting the Bloods sudden rise by 45 points. The Eagles first term was a rare one indeed, but while they were kept scoreless the Blues had wasted prime opportunities on goal with their 3.5 to lead by 23 points at quarter-time. The Eagles would recover though, kicking back to within a goal of the Blues by the long break. The Eagles' 5.1 to Sturt's 2.3 would have the visitors leading by one goal. The match descended into an arm-wrestling contest in the third quarter, the Eagles outscored the Blues but not taking over control. A pair of sprayed shots saw the gap cut down to four points by three quarter-time, the Eagles scoring 3.2 to three goals. Despite fighting hard, the Blues' final quarter brought them unstuck as they managed just two behinds while the Eagles scored 3.1 to win by 13 points, one hand already on the minor premiership. Jarred Allmond was voted best for the Eagles, the Blues named James Battersby as their best.


    Saturday July 15
    Norwood 15.11 (101)
    North Adelaide 13.7 (85)
    2,019 @ Prospect Oval

    Central District 11.13 (79)
    Port Adelaide 10.3 (63)
    1,522 @ My Money House Oval, Elizabeth

    Glenelg 16.7 (103)
    South Adelaide 5.18 (48)
    1,604 @ Gliderol Stadium, Glenelg

    West Adelaide 14.13 (97)
    Adelaide 12.4 (76)
    1,359 @ City Mazda Stadium, Richmond

    Sunday July 16
    Woodville-West Torrens 11.4 (70)
    Sturt 8.9 (57)
    Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval, Woodville -- crowd number unknown

    North -- J. Craig (groin)
    South -- Haren (shin)

    Port -- Howard (rough conduct)

    W-WT -- 24pts (12-1-0), 59.7%
    Port -- 16pts (8-5-0), 57.3%
    Sturt -- 16pts (8-5-0), 53.4%
    Norwood -- 16pts (8-5-0), 53.3%
    Glenelg -- 14pts (7-6-0), 48.8%

    South -- 12pts (6-7-0), 47.6%
    Adelaide -- 12pts (6-7-0), 46.4%
    Central -- 8pts (4-9-0), 47.9%
    North -- 6pts (3-10-0), 44.2%
    West -- 6pts (3-10-0), 42.3%

    The 2017 AFL-W U-18 National Championships concluded on Friday on the Gold Coast, but with two undefeated teams the overall champion has not been decided. At the H&A Oval in Broadbeach, the SA-loaded Allies unit defeated Western Australia on Wednesday by five points. The Sandgropers had kicked three goals to the Allies' single behind by quarter-time, but their goals came to a halt as the gap was gradually reduced and then conquered bit by bit. Then on Friday at the same venue, the Allies brought down Queensland in similar fashion, bringing the Maroon's goals to a stop after half-time to win by seven points. But due to Victoria Country also going undefeated and no plans for a Grand Final, the championship itself stood undecided. Glenelg's Eloise Jones was the Allies' MVP.

    Match 2 -- Allies 3.7 (25) def. Western Australia 3.2 (20)
    Match 3 -- Allies 5.3 (33) def. Queensland 3.8 (26)

    South Australia was already out of contention for the title, but would go out winners against Victoria Country in the last game of the 2017 U-16 National Championships. It was closely fought early on, inaccuracy from the Croweaters giving the country Vics a quarter-time lead of three points, which stretched to five points by the half-time break. SA would go on to restrict the Vics to 3.4 for the entire second half, despite the continuing goal-kicking yips they would score 8.7 to win the match by 28 points. North Adelaide back-man Karl Finlay was named SA's MVP for his strong showing for the series.

    South Australia 14.14 (98) def. Victoria Country 10.10 (70)

    Next weekend in Round 14...

    Saturday July 22
    Sturt vs. Central District; Peter Motley Oval, Unley @ 1:40pm
    North Adelaide vs. Woodville-West Torrens; Prospect Oval @ 2:10pm
    South Adelaide vs. West Adelaide; Hickinbotham Oval, Noarlunga @ 2:10pm

    Sunday July 23 @ 2:10pm
    Norwood vs. Adelaide; Coopers Stadium, Norwood
    Port Adelaide vs. Glenelg; Alberton Oval

    So until next weekend... see you at the Footy!
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