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    Hi Footy fans...

    All evidence thus far in Season 2017 all points to the Eagles taking out the premiership, but then the last two seasons have pointed that way as well and we know what happened at the hands of the Bloods and the Double Blues in consecutive grand finals. But they've been making examples of their opposition and they've still got top players on their way back from injury in the reserves! With that in mind, who knows what the boys at Oval Avenue can pull off? And as for the Blues... premiership hangover much? If anyone is in serious need of victory its the reigning premiers, who up until this past weekend were looking at a season not too dissimilar to Westies last season. To be honest, the Blues are the team that the league needs to keep crowds coming in, because they seem to be pulling most of the weight in that respect for the time being.

    Welcome to this super-sized split Round 5 edition of the SANFL Wrap-Up.

    The first match for the round took place on the first Saturday of May, pitting the Eagles against the Crows at the Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval in Woodville. The two birds took an equal share of the spoils during the 2016 home and away season, starting with the Crows going down by 43 points in Round 3, followed by the Eagles' Round 17 victory by 20 points. The Eagles faithful probably didn't take too kindly to a feathery rival taking up residence at their nest last week, the Crows making themselves at home while the Eagles sat out Round 4 but went down to the Magpies, the Eagles downing the Blues in the Grand Final re-match three weekends ago in a low-scoring affair. The Eagles had a hard time in front of goal in the opening quarter, 12 scoring shots resulting in just four goals. But the Crows weren't doing much better, they scored 2.1 to trail by 19 points at quarter-time. The Crows closed the gap in the second quarter, scoring 4.2 to the Eagles' three goals without a miss to bring it back to 11 points by half-time. The Eagles would not let them get any closer after that and put the Crows to the sword, kicking 4.3 to 1.1 to lead by 31 points at three quarter-time. A further 3.3 in the final quarter to Adelaide's 1.1 saw the home side off to a 45-point win to remain undefeated at this point. Chris Hall was named best afield for the Eagles, the Crows voted in captain Hugh Greenwood as their best.

    Next we head up north to the My Money House Oval in Elizabeth where the Bulldogs hosted the Redlegs. The Dogs took both matches against the Redlegs last season, starting with an eight-goal victory in Round 6 then a 32-point win in Round 12. So far the Dogs have only one victory against the Crows, their losses coming off the back of strong starts and horrid finishes. They went down to the Tigers last week, while the Redlegs fell heart-breakingly short in the final minutes against South at The Parade. The Bulldogs started off really well, kicking 7.4 to the Redlegs' three goals to lead by 28 points at the first change. But from there, slowly but surely, the 'Legs would bring the Dogs back down to earth. It began in the second term, where they outscored the Dogs 6.2 to 4.1 to cut the deficit back to 15 points by the long break. That term was chockers with downfield frees, coming from some off-the-ball incidents as things got even more physical. The third quarter was where it totally fell apart for the Dogs, kept to just 1.3 while the Redlegs took over the lead with their repeat effort of 6.2. At three quarter-time, Norwood was ahead by 14 points. The Redlegs would eventually run out four-goal winners, a further 4.2 to Centrals' 2.4 adding to the home side's woes for 2017. Matt Panos was named best for Norwood, the Bulldogs named Kyle Jenner as their best.

    The next two games took place on Sunday afternoon, the first of them finds us heading down to south to the Hickinbotham Oval in Noarlunga where the Panthers played the Roosters. The Panthers didn't give the Roosters an inch last season, starting with a 31-point win in Round 10 and then a 49-point hiding in Round 20. This season so far, the Roosters have been on-and-off, starting their year with a loss and then a win the week after. They took their second win of the season last week against West, while the Panthers took a thrilling four-point win against Norwood. The first quarter was low scoring and scrappy, the Panthers leading by five points at the first change after kicking 2.1 to North's 1.2. A further point was added to South's lead by half-time, the Panthers and the Roosters matching each other goal-for-goal with both sides kicking three each. South's two behinds to North's one was the difference maker, the Panthers up by a straight kick at the break. When play resumed, the Panthers set about putting down the Roosters for good, keeping them to just 1.1 whilst adding 6.1 to their tally to set up a six-goal lead come three quarter-time. The Panthers took their foot off the pedal in the final term, but still added to the Roosters' pain. South added 2.3 to North's 1.1 to finish the afternoon with a 44-point win. The Panthers named Nic Schwarz as their best on ground, the Roosters named Jordie McKenzie as their best.

    The last of the matches in week one of the split round finds us at Alberton Oval as the Magpies faced the Double Blues. The two games last season were both Sturt victories, the first being a 63-point belting in Round 6, then a 22-point win in Round 11. The Blues at this time hadn't won a match, going down to the Eagles on Anzac Day, while the Magpies took the Crows down at Woodville as the Blues sat out the round. Unfortunately the Blues were about to be taught the difference between boys and men... a Port line-up with only their captain as a pure Magpie, the rest of the side all Power-listed. Add to that, the Blues had two key players sidelined with injuries. Sturt would kick just two behinds in the opening quarter as the Magpies kicked 7.4 to lead by 44 points at quarter-time. The Blues finally found the big sticks in the second term, but would only kick 1.4 as Port added a further 6.1 to take their lead out one-point short of 12 goals. The Magpies needed to do very little from this point to keep themselves out of the Blues reach, the damage had been done. To their credit, they won the second half scoreboard. Sturt scored 5.2 to 3.2 in the third term, reducing the gap to just under 10 goals by the final change. The final result was a flat 10 goals, Port taking 3.3 to 3.2 in the last quarter. Brendon AhChee was named Port's best, the Blues named Patrick Wilson as their best.

    From here we go to the second week of the split round, Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval in Woodville hosting the contest between the Eagles and the Tigers. The Eagles had to fight for it in Round 7 last year, escaping with a 15-point victory, they would then blitz the Tigers in Round 21 with a 73-point hammering. The Tigers sat out the week before after their thrilling defeat of the Bulldogs at home, the Eagles defeated Adelaide as mentioned above. This was basically a catch up game for the Eagles after getting a week off after their Anzac Day outing, they kicked things off by running off to a five-goal quarter-time lead after ramming through 7.2 to the Tigers 2.2. The goals were harder to come by for the Eagles in the second quarter, but the Tigers couldn't make up the difference. The home side kicked 2.5 to 2.1 to extend their lead to 34 points by half-time. This was a reality check for Glenelg, other than a narrow loss to South, they have looked the goods and looked like they could challenge anyone up to this point but this day they became witches hats. The Eagles got their goal-kicking groove back in the third quarter, scoring 5.1 to the Tigers' 3.2 to stretch the lead to 45 points by the final change. The witches hats comment rang true in the final term, the visitors kicking just two behinds as the Eagles added 4.3 to run out 70-point victors. Lachlan McGregor kicked his 100th goal in his best on ground effort for the Eagles, the Tigers named Brad Agnew as their best.

    The last match to close up the round finds us at the Peter Motley Oval in Unley for another catch up as the Blues faced the Bloods. Both of last years games between these two clubs both went the way of the reigning premiers, the first being a 45-point win in Round 4, then a nightmare outing for the Bloods in Round 17 as they went down by 89 points. Both sides haven't tasted victory this season, the Bloods went down to North Adelaide a couple of weeks ago, while the Blues were hammered at Alberton as mentioned earlier. Early goal-kicking issues dogged the Blues as they scored six behinds while the Bloods managed to score 2.3 to lead by nine points at the first change. But soon enough, they found the big sticks to kick 4.2 to Westies' 2.3 in the second term, the Blues leading by two points at the long break. When play resumed, so did Sturt's poor shooting on goal. Not that it was a problem in that period, they still managed to take their lead out to 27 points with a 5.7 to two goal third quarter. Note that those two Bloods goals were the first of the second half which saw them re-take the lead, albeit briefly. The Bloods final quarter saw them get the inaccuracy bug, which was Sturt's saving grace in the end seeing as with all of Westies' misses they could have nicked the game. They kicked 2.7 to two goals as the home side bagged their first points of the year, a 20-point victory. Patrick Wilson can lay claim to a rare feat, two best afield honours in one round for the Blues. The Bloods named Chris Schmidt as their best.


    Saturday May 6
    Woodville-West Torrens 14.14 (98)
    Adelaide 8.5 (53)
    1,391 @ Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval, Woodville

    Norwood 19.6 (120)
    Central District 14.12 (96)
    2,047 @ My Money House Oval, Elizabeth

    Sunday May 7
    South Adelaide 13.7 (85)
    North Adelaide 6.5 (41)
    1,452 @ Hickinbotham Oval, Noarlunga

    Port Adelaide 19.10 (124)
    Sturt 9.10 (64)
    Alberton Oval -- crowd number unknown

    Saturday May 13
    Woodville-West Torrens 18.11 (119)
    Glenelg 7.7 (49)
    1,803 @ Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval, Woodville

    Sturt 11.15 (81)
    West Adelaide 8.13 (61)
    2,413 @ Peter Motley Oval, Unley

    Norwood -- Terlich (ankle)
    South -- Overall (knee)
    North -- Harvey (hamstring)
    Sturt -- Beard (concussion)

    None known at time of post.

    W-WT -- 10pts (5-0-0), 65.5%
    Port -- 8pts (4-1-0), 58.4%
    South -- 8pts (4-1-0), 53.3%
    Norwood -- 6pts (3-2-0), 55%
    Glenelg -- 6pts (3-2-0), 50.5%
    North -- 4pts (2-3-0), 44.9%
    Adelaide -- 4pts (2-3-0), 41.6%
    Central -- 2pts (1-4-0), 47.4%
    Sturt -- 2pts (1-4-0), 42.4%
    West -- 0pts (0-5-0), 40.4%

    Next weekend in Round 6...

    Friday May 19 @ 7:20pm
    Norwood vs. Glenelg; Coopers Stadium, Norwood

    Saturday May 20
    Central District vs. South Adelaide; My Money House Oval, Elizabeth @ 2:10pm
    Port Adelaide vs. Woodville-West Torrens; Alberton Oval @ 2:10pm
    West Adelaide vs. Adelaide; City Mazda Stadium, Richmond @ 2:10pm
    North Adelaide vs. Sturt; Prospect Oval @ 2:40pm

    So until next weekend... see you at the Footy!
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