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SANFL 2018 -- Round 10 Wrap-Up

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    Hi Footy fans...

    Thankfully it was back to having a full round of games, we've passed the half-way mark of the year and well... what a funny season it has been so far. Not so fun for the two AFL-aligned mobs, somethings a bit rotten up north, the city fringe-dwellers have had some mixed results and are hanging around the middle of the table but the talk of the town with the SA footy-heads is the Roosters. They've been able to withstand a fair amount since their opening round mis-fire, only the Panthers have been able to give them something to think about. Its been 27 years since North Adelaide last took a flag back to Prospect Oval, that infamous 1991 Grand Final was the Roosters last successful tilt. They had two chances since then but fell short in devastating fashion. Do the Roosters have the depth needed to end this long drought? Nine rounds to go, people.

    Welcome to the Round 10 edition of the SANFL Wrap-Up.

    We begin the wrap with three Saturday afternoon games, the first of which took place at the City Mazda Stadium in Richmond where the Bloods faced the Redlegs. Despite their horror run in 2017, the Bloods were able to put one over the Redlegs. After a 44-point loss at home in Round 3, the Bloods raided The Parade in Round 11 for a five-point win. While the Redlegs were sitting last week out after their demolition of the Bulldogs, the Bloods went down gallantly against the reigning premiers by 19 points. The Redlegs wasted no time getting on the board with their first goal after just 22 seconds, but the Bloods were the ones ahead at the first change. Some wasted opportunities saw them in front by 14 points, the board reading 5.5 to 3.3. More missed shots on goal by West allowed the Redlegs to stay well within range by the break, the Bloods scored 3.5 to 2.3 to extend their lead to 22 points by half-time. The Redlegs gave some signs of fight in the third term, but like the Bloods early on, inaccuracy was the enemy as they scored 2.7 while the Bloods kicked four goals without a miss to lead by 27 points going into the final change. But the Bloods' faithful hearts were about to be broken, the Redlegs turning it on and all but kept Westies quiet on the scoreboard for the bulk of the final term. The visitors kicked 6.4 to two goals to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat by the narrowest of margins possible in footy. Matt Panos was named best for Norwood, the Bloods named Kaine Stevens as their best on ground.

    The second match for the day takes us up north to the My Money House Oval in Elizabeth, where the Bulldogs hosted the Magpies. These two mobs each took a win from their two games last season, with the Magpies taking the Round 7 match by 39 points at Alberton, then the Doggies at Elizabeth by 16 points in Round 13. While the 'Pies have been rather woeful this season, many at the Ponderosa don't quite know where to put the Dogs. Good starts followed by horror finishes has put them near the bottom end of the ladder right next to Port. The Dogs started quite well with a 4.3 to 1.2 opening term to lead by 19 points at quarter-time. But there was still an air of pessimism among the Centrals faithful and rightly so, the Magpies were back to within a kick by half-time as they scored 3.1 to the Dogs' single goal to be down by six points. The Dogs were lucky to have that lead at all, that goal coming from a free kick in time-on. The Magpies produced one of their best quarters of football for the year since Round 1, kicking six goals without a miss. A pair of late goals to the Dogs allowed them to give their fans some hope of a comeback, they scored 3.1 to be down by just 11 points at the final change. But the Dogs wasted several prime opportunities in their forward area in that final term, the Magpies holding them off long enough to record a three-goal win after adding on 2.2 to 1.1. Karl Amon was voted Port's best afield, the Dogs named Travis Schiller as their best.

    The last of the Saturday matches takes us out to the western suburbs, to the Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval in Woodville where the Eagles took on the Crows. The points all went to the Eagles from their two games last year, starting in Round 5 with a 45-point hiding, followed by an 11-point win in Round 17. Both sides sat out Round 9, but only the Eagles came back to the field with a win in Round 8, the Crows still without a point to their name after eight games. The Eagles were going to have a rotten first half in front of the sticks, but the injury-riddled Crows were not going to show much resistance early on. The Eagles kicked to a 28-point lead by the quarter-time siren, they scored 4.5 to 1.1 to kick things off. The inaccuracy was even worse for the home side in the second term, scoring just two goals from nine scores to Adelaide's single major. Still, they held a 35-point lead at the long break. Adelaide were finally able to string some goals together in the third quarter, but they could only match the Eagles' goal tally, not top it. In fact, had Adelaide's defence been harder to break in that period, the final change gap could have been just three kicks! It would be an even six-goal deficit at three quarter-time, the Eagles kicking 4.4 to 4.3. The Eagles accuracy was far better in the final term, they scored 6.2 to 3.2 to take a nine-goal win. In the best players category, the Eagles named Scott Lewis as their standout, the Crows voted for Patrick Wilson as their best. One startling stat that would keep Crows coach Ryan O'Keefe up later that night... a 33-14 free kick count.

    The final two games for the weekend took place on the Queen's Birthday Monday afternoon, we now take a tram ride to the bay where the Tigers hosted the Roosters at the Gliderol Stadium in Glenelg. The away teams were the winners from their two encounters last season, with the Roosters winning by 29 points at Glenelg in Round 9, followed by the Tigers repaying the favour at Menzies Crescent by 16 points in Round 17. They were both looking on from the sidelines in Round 9, only the Roosters tasted victory in Round 8 with their annihilation of Port while the Tigers went down to Sturt at Unley. The Roosters would be surprised by the Tigers early on, their efforts betraying their position on the ladder as the visitors led by just one goal at quarter-time after scoring 3.3 to 2.3. The arm-wrestle continued in the second quarter as the Tigers wrested the lead from the Roosters by the break, scoring 3.3 to 2.2 to lead by a point at half-time. The Tigers' intensity lessened in the third quarter as the Roosters got back into the driver's seat, scoring 4.2 to two goals to be up by 14 points by three quarter-time. North would have to withstand a final term fightback from the Bays, who with their four goals to North's 2.1 cut the lead back to just three points on the cusp of time-on and made it game on. But the Roosters' extra time score of 1.1 would put the Tigers out of the contest, the visitors winning by 10 points. Aidan Tropiano was named best for the Roosters, while the Tigers named former Rooster Nick Amato as their best on ground.

    The final match for the weekend takes us to the leafy streets of Unley, where the Double Blues faced the Panthers at the Peter Motley Oval. The Blues took out both games from last season's encounters, starting with their 52-point win in Round 7 at Noarlunga and then by five goals in Round 17 at Unley. They were both winners in Round 9, but while the Panthers were six-goal winners, the Blues were made to work for it against a spirited Bloods side. The Blues had the majority of the scoring shots in the opening term, but their shooting left a bit to be desired and they were down by two points at quarter-time after kicking 1.4 to South's two goals. The Panthers upped their desperation factor in the second term and would take a 10-point lead into the rooms at the half-time break after scoring 3.3 to the Double Blues' 2.1. The third term was quite the slog, the Blues continued to pepper their attacking zone and missed several opportunities. However, their return was far better than their first quarter efforts, scoring 4.5 to 2.4 to lead by three points at three quarter-time. Unfortunately for the premiers, the final term belonged to the blue & whites, South finishing the match strongly to win by eight points after scoring 4.1 to Sturt's 2.2. Keegan Brooksby was a major cog in the Panther machine and was named best for South, the Blues named captain Zane Kirkwood as their best afield.


    Saturday June 9

    Norwood 13.17 (95)
    West Adelaide 14.10 (94)
    2,494 @ City Mazda Stadium, Richmond

    Port Adelaide 12.5 (77)
    Central District 9.5 (59)
    2,238 @ My Money House Oval, Elizabeth

    Woodville-West Torrens 16.18 (114)
    Adelaide 9.6 (60)
    1,735 @ Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval, Woodville

    Monday June 11
    North Adelaide 12.10 (82)
    Glenelg 11.6 (72)
    2,083 @ Prospect Oval

    South Adelaide 11.8 (74)
    Sturt 9.12 (66)
    2,810 @ Peter Motley Oval, Unley

    Glenelg -- Close (knee)
    South -- Kreuger (concussion), Noble (corked thigh), Brown (finger)

    W-WT -- Poole (rough conduct)
    Glenelg -- McGinty (rough conduct), Motlop (striking)
    South -- Fitt (rough conduct)

    North -- 14pts (7-2-0), 57.1%
    W-WT -- 13pts (6-2-1), 56%
    Sturt -- 12pts (6-3-0), 55.3%
    Norwood -- 12pts (6-3-0), 54.7%
    South -- 12pts (6-3-0), 53.1%

    West -- 8pts (4-5-0), 46.4%
    Port -- 7pts (3-5-1), 47%
    Central -- 6pts (3-6-0), 49%
    Glenelg -- 6pts (3-6-0), 46.5%
    Adelaide -- 0pts (0-9-0), 36%

    Next weekend in Round 11...

    Saturday June 16
    Woodville-West Torrens vs. West Adelaide; Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval, Woodville @ 2:10pm
    Norwood vs. Glenelg; Coopers Stadium, Norwood @ 2:40pm

    Sunday June 17
    North Adelaide vs. Central District; Prospect Oval @ 2:10pm
    South Adelaide vs. Adelaide; Hickinbotham Oval, Noarlunga @ 2:10pm
    Port Adelaide vs. Sturt; Alberton Oval @ 2:40pm

    So until next weekend... see you at the Footy!

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  2. MannyK

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    Mar 18
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    Good even top 5 with any of them able to beat the other on the day.
    Final 5 now set probably.
  3. saintal

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    Enjoyable day at Unley on Monday. South playing some good footy at the moment, big final term to secure the points. Decent crowd (for a game involving South anyway) and always a good atmosphere there.

    Certainly a bit of a divide between the top 5 and bottom 5 developing. The Bloods will rue their final term- shot themselves in the foot.
  4. Magma

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    Oct 09
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    West Adelaide Bloods, Man City.
    2 in front of goal reversals and a 50 meter penalty in the last quarter. can't say i've ever seen that before.
  5. VicPark Bitter

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    West Adelaide
    this game will come back to haunt Westies at the end of the season when they finish in 6th spot
  6. Great8

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    One was deserved and the other wasn’t. Rankine list the plot for a period there but as a Norwood member I was pretty disappointed in the Panos dive
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