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SANFL 2018 -- Round 3 Wrap-Up

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    Hi Footy fans...

    The clear weather is over and in comes Mother Nature, huffing and puffing her way across town. The result was a weekend of upsets and more than a few bald heads from folks tearing their hair out. Along with that came yet another drop in attendances, one game didn't even break the 1,000 mark. There has also been a little discontent among the fans. In just four weeks time, the SANFL is due to take on the Sandgropers in this year's interstate match. Unfortunately for SANFL fans, the league has opted to make this the curtain raiser to the Power-hosted Showdown against the Crows. To add insult to injury, the league's response to the hardcore SANFL fan-base has been less than inspiring. At a time where crowd numbers are dwindling, is the league board just totally out of touch with its intended audience? Concerning times ahead.

    Welcome to the Round 3 edition of the SANFL Wrap-Up.

    The first match for the weekend takes us to the northern suburbs, the Bulldogs facing the Bloods at the My Money House Oval in Elizabeth. The Dogs took out both games from last year, starting with their seven-point great escape in Round 8 at Richmond followed by their more convincing nine-goal win in Round 17 at home. Both clubs came into this match on the backs of losses, but while the Dogs showed fight against the Eagles at Woodville, the Bloods were smashed to the margin of 23 goals by the Roosters. The impetus was on the Bloods to respond, but had a case of the goal-kicking yips in the opening term. They kicked 2.3 to the Bulldogs' 4.1 to be down by 10 points at quarter-time. Centrals appeared to gain relative control of the game by half-time, they scored 4.2 to 2.2 in the second term to lead by 22 points at the break. But from here, the Bulldog faithful were about to get a rude shock. The Bloods went on the attack, an un-pretty attack maybe but an attack nonetheless. They scored 3.8 to take a four-point lead into the final change. The Dogs tried to peg back the Bloods, but three skewed shots to the visitors' 1.2 ensured one of the upsets of the year as West went on to win by nine points to open their 2018 account. The Bloods named captain Tom Keough as their best afield, the Dogs named Justin Hoskin as their best.

    The next match on the card finds us heading over to the Alberton Oval for the Battle of the Birds, the Magpies taking on the Eagles. On their last visit to Alberton, the Eagles were victorious by 27 points in Round 11. That came after a 21-point win only five rounds before hand at Oval Avenue. But then came the finals, where the Magpies put the first nail in the Eagles' disastrous finals campaign in the 2nd Semi with a 33-point win. Both teams were up to this point undefeated, something had to give... at least that's what most would think. The windy conditions would play havoc on the entire match, only Port had any early luck on the scoreboard as they managed to kick 2.1 to the Eagles' single behind to lead by two goals at quarter-time. No further goals would be added for over an entire half of football, the Eagles chipping the lead down to nine points by half-time after they kicked four points to the Magpies' one. They kept on coming in the third quarter, another five behinds to the home side's one brought the gap back to five points by three quarter-time. This match was definitely one that both sides won't forget in a hurry, the final scorecard was one that probably hasn't been seen since the early days of the game. More goals finally came, but there would be no winner. Port scored 2.1 to the Eagles 2.5 to lock the scores at 28 points each. Port captain Steve Summerton was named best on ground, the Eagles named Nick Hayes as their standout on a very average arvo.

    Now its down to the far southern end of the Adelaide metro area, to the Hickinbotham Oval in Noarlunga where the Panthers hosted the Crows. The points were shared from their two games last season, the Crows dodging a bullet in Round 2 to win by a goal, the Panthers getting one back in Round 18 by four points. Neither side came out victors last week, the Panthers going down at The Parade by 47 points while the Crows' woes were exacerbated by Sturt at Unley where they took a 49-point wing clipping. Despite the customary southern swirl making life hard at times, there was no difficulty for either side to find goals. The Crows would lead by five points at quarter-time, they kicked 3.1 to South's 2.2 to open the game. The Panthers hit back in the second term, keeping the Crows to just two behinds whilst scoring 2.1 to nick the lead by the long break, a single kick in it at half-time. Some inaccuracy crept into the Panthers' game when play resumed, but they would still maintain control of the proceedings. South managed to add 2.3 and kept the Crows to just one goal to extend their lead to 15 points come three quarter-time. Despite taking the first seven points of the final term and fighting to keep the ball out of the opposite 50 for almost 19 minutes, South would break through for three straight goals in about as many minutes. Adelaide scored the last goal, but would go down by 20 points in the end in front of an abysmal crowd of under 900. The Panthers named Abaina Davis as their best, while the Crows named Andrew Otten as their best.

    The last match for the Saturday afternoon took place at the Gliderol Stadium in Glenelg, the Tigers taking on the Redlegs under twilight conditions. The Redlegs took out both games last year, starting with a 31-point win in Round 6 at home, followed by 41-point win from their last visit to Tiger-land in Round 12. The Bays were unlucky last weekend, falling short by three points in a tense battle against Port while the Redlegs got their first win at the expense of South. Inaccuracy by both sides early on saw the Redlegs up by a point at quarter-time after a first term scoreline of 3.4 to 3.3. Glenelg took over in the second term, but more skewed shots by the Tigers stopped them building up a sizeable gap going into the rooms at the long break. They scored 3.5 to 1.2 to lead by 16 points at half-time. More efficient ball movement in the third term by the Tigers saw them kick 6.2 and keep the Redlegs to six behinds. At three quarter-time the home sides were up by eight goals. The visitors would throw a big scare into the Tigers faithful in the final term, a run of 6.2 to two goals saw the gap drawn back to 22 points only seconds into time-on. But the Tigers' wouldn't be denied, they kept the ball well away from the Norwood goals for the ensuing minutes and added 1.3 to win by 31 points. Josh Scott was voted Glenelg's best, the Redlegs named Lewis Johnston as their best on ground.

    The last match for the weekend took place on the Sunday afternoon at the Peter Motley Oval in Unley where the Double Blues hosted the Roosters. Much like the previous game, these sides met in Rounds 6 and 12 with the Blues coming out on top on both occasions by 21 and 36 points respectively. The Blues and the Roosters came out on top last week, but it was North's response to their opening round loss that would have had many SA footy-heads talking. Early inaccuracy by the Blues allowed the Roosters to take a three-point lead into the first change, North scoring three goals to Sturt's 2.3. The Blues did hit back in the second term, but allowed the Roosters to stay within a couple of kicks of the lead. Sturt scored 3.3 to North's 1.1, the Blues up by 11 points at half-time. This was about to become an all out battle, with the Roosters truly finding their fighting form against the all-conquering reigning premiers. The Roosters took back the lead in the third quarter, outscoring the Blues 4.3 to 2.2 to be ahead by two points at the last change. There would be no more goals from here, the possibility of another draw looming large. But this was to be one of North's rare finest hours, two behinds to one in an arm-wrestle final quarter saw the Roosters home by three points. WA import Aidan Tropiano was named best for North, the Blues named James Battersby as their best on ground.


    Saturday April 16

    West Adelaide 8.15 (63)
    Central District 8.6 (54)
    1,348 @ My Money House Oval, Elizabeth

    Port Adelaide 4.4 (28)
    Woodville-West Torrens 2.16 (28)
    1,589 @ Alberton Oval

    South Adelaide 9.6 (60)
    Adelaide 6.4 (40)
    857 @ Hickinbotham Oval, Noarlunga

    Glenelg 15.14 (104)
    Norwood 10.13 (73)
    1,798 @ Gliderol Stadium, Glenelg

    Sunday April 17
    North Adelaide 8.6 (54)
    Sturt 7.9 (51)
    2,972 @ Peter Motley Oval, Unley


    West -- Fielke (shoulder)
    South -- Raitt (corked thigh)
    Norwood -- Dawe (groin), Edmead (hamstring)

    None known at time of post.

    Port -- 5pts (2-0-1), 62.3%
    W-WT -- 5pts (2-0-1), 58.8%
    North -- 4pts (2-1-0), 58.6%
    Sturt -- 4pts (2-1-0), 57%
    South -- 4pts (2-1-0), 51.2%

    Central -- 2pts (1-2-0), 52.8%
    Norwood -- 2pts (1-2-0), 50.4%
    Glenelg -- 2pts (1-2-0), 49%
    West -- 2pts (1-2-0), 31.7%
    Adelaide -- 0pts (0-3-0), 31.7%

    2018 STATE TEAM -- Initial training squad
    The state selectors have named an initial group of 49 players to begin training ahead of the 2018 State League Representative match against the Western Australian Football League at Adelaide Oval on Saturday May 12. Thus far there's quite the Unley influence with 10 Double Blues on the list, as well as new coach Martin Mattner who takes over from Graham Cornes. Joining Mattner on the coaching panel will be Norwood coach Jarrod Cotton, retired Crow Scott Thompson and Bloods' 2015 premiership coach Mark Mickan. Former Bulldogs' brothers of destruction Chris and James Gowans will be doing the running duties. First training run will be at Alberton Oval this Tuesday, with three more sessions scheduled before the finalised team comes together for a run on Adelaide Oval on Thursday May 10.

    Travis Schiller
    Kyle Presbury
    Darcy Fort
    Luke Barmby
    Justin Hoskin

    Jonty Scharenberg
    Marlon Motlop
    Terry Milera
    Josh Scott

    Lewis Hender
    Keenan Ramsey
    Jarred Allmond
    Max Thring
    Alex Barns

    Michael Talia
    Matt Panos
    Mitch Grigg
    Alex Georgiou
    Cam Shenton
    Lewis Johnston
    Luke Surman
    Sam Baulderstone

    Steven Summerton

    Keegan Brooksby
    Matt Rose
    Nick Liddle
    Sam Overall

    Zane Kirkwood
    Fraser Evans
    Jack Stephens
    James Battersby
    Guy Page
    Aidan Riley
    Sam Colquhoun
    Mark Evans
    Josh Hone
    Jack Osborn

    Tom Keough
    Jake Wilson
    Kaine Stevens
    Jonathon Beech

    Luke Thompson
    Paul Stewart
    Matt Goldsworthy
    James Boyd
    Chris Hall
    Nick Hayes
    Jack Hayes
    Jake Johansen

    Next weekend in Round 4...

    Saturday April 21
    Central District vs. Adelaide; My Money House Oval, Elizabeth @ 2:10pm
    North Adelaide vs. Norwood; Prospect Oval @ 2:40pm

    Sunday April 22 @ 2:10pm
    Woodville-West Torrens vs. Glenelg; Maughan Thiem Hyundai Oval, Woodville

    Tuesday April 24 @ 7:10pm
    West Adelaide vs. South Adelaide; City Mazda Stadium, Richmond

    Wednesday April 25 @ 1:10pm
    Sturt vs. Port Adelaide; Peter Motley Oval, Unley

    So until next weekend... see you at the Footy!

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    Dull game of football played in front of friends, family and a handful of die-hards at Noarlunga. Concerning times. Have said it from day 1, the Ravens add nothing to the league - the novelty has well and truly worn off and interest is dwindling year after year.

    Reasonable start to the season for South from a W/L sense. Wasn't expecting much given our outs far outweighed the ins. Perhaps the overall standard of the comp has (or will) slip a little further given a lot of clubs were in the same boat with personnel losses. New skipper Keegan Brooksby has been a massive inclusion.

    Good point about the state game Raboyle.
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