TV SAS Australia - Hell Week

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The Sultan

Premiership Player
Mar 29, 2007
Rand McNally
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I’m not the one calling them special air services. Every military unit in the uk is special forces these days. Enjoy your reality tv show.
SAS and SBS do very similar training, they are probably using the "SAS" title as it has more recognition. those four guys probably tougher and fitter than any AFL player... and yeah it a TV show, so we're not here to discuss the ins and out of different military branches.


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Jan 31, 2012
patterson lakes
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Boston Celtics
Way too much emotion in here about Schapelle. I honestly couldn’t give a sh*t whether she did it or not, but regardless she’s done her time in a hell hole & I for one am intrigued about how she’ll measure up mentally here.

How was the badger bashing the suitcase out of the AFLW chick.....was a tough watch, but full credit to her for having a decent crack at him.

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