TV SAS Australia - Hell Week

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Sith Lord
Oct 14, 2005
AFL Club
Other Teams
Norwood, Adelaide Crows
Season 5

Season 5 is set in the Orkney Islands, off the northern coast of Scotland. The weather is exactly what you'd expect - cold, wet and windy - to the extent that several candidates suffer hypothermia, with 2 passing out and collapsing mid-task. This is compounded by having many of the tasks being water based, so the recruits probably spent more time wet & shivering than they did dry.

There aren't a lot of long distance endurance tasks on this season, but plenty of brutal tasks - such as a team log carry up a mountain. Once again, there the fireman's carry is up a steep hill - not around a flat parade square. Once again, the smallest female is expected to carry the heaviest male (roughly double her weight). To her credit, she gets the job done, albeit very slowly - but importantly, she does it without complaining and all the way to completion. While this may seem unfair to her, particularly given that the other female was paired with a lighter male - it really isn't unfair at all, given that she may be asked to do this on the battlefield for real.

This season they took "the mole" concept to the next level, by adding the "the mole" to the DS after the mole's VW.

Once again, there's a Resistance to Interrogation phase near the end of the course. This is the only constant throughout the entire series (neither S4 or S5 had the backwards dive), other than the obligatory beastings/sickeners. The UK version is 5-0 for Interrogation phases, the Australian version is currently 0-3.

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