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Bunk Moreland

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Sep 22, 2011
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Just in light of yesterday’s events in the footy world, thought it worthwhile to say to anybody who posts or lurks around here...

If ever you feel things are getting on top of you and you have no way out, promise yourself and those around you one thing... you’ll say something.

Others have been there in their own way. I have.

Do not do something irreversible... just speak to somebody.

Post here... speak to somebody near to you... PM me or anybody else... or we’re lucky to live in a time where a trained professional is just a phone call away:

13 11 14
Lifeline Australia

1300 22 4636
beyondblue Support Service

1800 55 1800
Kids Helpline (under 25s)

1300 78 99 78
MensLine Australia

Don’t deny others the chance to help you by staying silent. There’s absolutely no shame in leaning on others when you’re unwell... people will have leaned on you throughout your life when they’ve been unwell.

Peace out, Bomber bros and sisters.

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