Scott Morrison - How Long? Part 2


Sep 21, 2009
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This story is growing legs, when he said boots on the ground did he mean jack boots

This guys sister lost her house in Cobargo BTW no aid, food or water, nothing has been dropped off

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I'd want to see some evidence of that before I believe it.

Morrison and Dutton are pretty bad. But I struggle to believe they'd go anywhere near that kind of thing.

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Rob R

All Australian
Aug 17, 2009
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The video ended with “authorised by Scott Morrison, Liberal Party”. That is not the same as a generic government ad. There is a very blatant difference.
Seriously, is there anyone with half a brain advising them on their strategy, make good (belated) announcements and promptly undo the work with a completely unnecessary ad. They are sounding like the LNP when the idiotic weak Turnbull led them.

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Jun 23, 2011
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Are you sure?

Every bit of communication?

Or just paid advertisements?
I’ve worked in the space. If it’s in a format where it isnt flat out coming from their mouth it requires authorisation of some sort. Every Facebook page, Twitter account, website, everything. And they (sometimes with the exception of the minors) do it. Doesnt matter if it is paid or free.

What the media that is generally right of centre? Just wow.
It’s not even necessarily all of the media. It’s the political punditry class. They don’t get that good journalism - hard hitting work that genuinely pushes on the flaws and issues - has more cut through than this nitpick bullshit. Hawaii was/is cutting through because the PM lied and they caught it out. This won’t because it’s a nitpick of three seconds.

The irony of modern journalism struggling is the shit that hits and builds momentum for or against candidates is longer form.

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