Rumour Sean Darcy to the Cats.


Sep 6, 2019
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Port Adelaide
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Cats should make a pinch hit at Matt Eagles throw him in the ruck he can play defence the poor kids stuck in the local league letting all the tallent slip away

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Jan 14, 2016
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West Coast
So the premise of this thread for some posters is that an uncontracted Kelly should be forced to go to Freo to help contracted Darcy get to his CHOSEN club of destination?

In 4 pages so far noone has picked up on the hypocrisy or irony of this ridiculous suggestion -haha what a complete lack of self awareness, especially after some Geelong posters fought tooth and nail last season that players shouldn't be allowed to nominate the club they want to go to and that they should reward the faith placed in them by the drafting club (CoS nOoNe ELse WOld hAVe dRAteD thEM bUT Us!!).

What a crackup.

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