Opinion Season 2020 - Pessimistic or optimistic?

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about 2020?

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The don
Mar 17, 2018
AFL Club
Most of the media and other big footy posters seem to have written us off next year, but I’m (very) cautiously optimistic we can do well. Maybe this is just typical preseason hope getting the better of me, but with hopefully better fitness/conditioning with the new guy from Hawthorn, hopefully less injuries and dev and joe back, and hopefully more inspired/current coaching with rutten stepping up and Caracalla helping with game plan, I think we may actually be a chance of winning a final.

Quite a lot of ifs and hopefullys in that statement I know but I think we might just surprise people next year.

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about 2020? Why?

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Club Legend
Jun 13, 2016
AFL Club
Erring on the pessimistic side.
Worst contested ball team in the league after the bye is not a great sign.
Need a Blake miracle to be a serious contender in the finals.


Premiership Player
Jun 26, 2017
AFL Club
Other Teams
Green Bay Packers
Eh. Haven’t won a final in 15 years, I have no reason to be optimistic. I’m sure I’ll drink the kool-aid once we string a few wins together though.


Norm Smith Medallist
Jan 22, 2008
AFL Club
Other Teams
Team Coco
Optimism will come if Daniher and Dev get over their injury concerns, and if Hibberd or Townsend can cut it as inside mids for us. Otherwise it will probably be similar to this year, unless Rutten and Caracella are magicians.

Keystone agony

Brownlow Medallist
Aug 15, 2011
AFL Club
Other Teams
Port Adelaide
I think a few other sides may go past us

GWS, Richmond, Eagles, Collingwood, WBD, Brisbane (6) all look really strong

Hawks and Sydney not far behind.

Geelong the sliders who we could maybe go past. I'd have us in the Sydney, Geelong, Port, Essendon group 8-11


Club Legend
Nov 2, 2010
AFL Club
I need to see the attitude of the players before I can make up my mind, so I won't know until after the season starts. If they turn up the same way they have the last couple of seasons then we might be in for more of the same. If Rutten and Caracella can get them consistently playing with passion over the first few rounds then I'll be a lot happier.

One thing I'd like to see is for players to be dropped if they put in half hearted efforts, and I'm looking squarely at Zaka here. I think the coaches have to set an example early if that sort of stuff is going on. The only way they're going to get certain players to change their attitude is to punish them when they don't try.


Club Legend
Aug 4, 2019
AFL Club
I was pretty negative around Joe's trade request, but I remain still more optimistic for 2020.

Best case scenario: We have Top 6 Year and Joe decides to re-sign. Win a final.

Worst case scenario: Our arse falls out and finish 14th, Joe leaves, we draft a flanker with the compensation.

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Red Black and Blue

Brownlow Medallist
Oct 1, 2006
AFL Club
Other Teams
Everton, Storm, Victory
Surprisingly optimistic. Incredibly annoyed we haven’t done more to improve our immediate chances through trade or draft but should we get a charmed run with injury there is no reason we can’t improve on the 19 season a bit.


Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 27, 2006
AFL Club
I'm optimistic - especially compared to external expectations. I think we can get a few key players back from injuries and get more out of them.
I know there will be clouds over Daniher and Fantasia but honestly we didn't get a whole lot out of them in 2019 anyway so I think it will be easy to get more from them.

Dev Smith will be the real game changer for us as well as having Heppell out there fully fit and not limping around on a sore foot.

I think players like McGrath, Parish and Francis are emerging and will only get better in 2020.
One other bloke I want to mention. McKenna will go to a completely different level and will make the AA team.

I reckon we finally break the hoodoo and win a final but the hard work will be done before hand when we actually qualify in the top 6 and earn a home final.


All Australian
May 27, 2017
AFL Club
I'm absolutely stoked with our trading and draft.
Cutler and Hibberd are straight into the 22, as upgrades to the 2019 list.
Daniher and Dev will return, two more upgrades on 2019. An uninjured Heppell is also an upgrade, on himself.

Oh, and Phillips is going to be much more competititve than ZClarke when we need him.
The development of McGrath and Parish is something to look forward to. Draper to debut at some point. Mozzie not far off. ZERK-THATCHER! Francis is sorting his life out. A bit more inside cover for Shiel and Merrett can only be good for them.
And 3 young draftees as very promising future projects. Some very positive changes to the coaching staff.

From my perspective, it looks like improvement across the board!


Club Legend
Jun 27, 2014
AFL Club
Pretty concerned that Daniher might not play again due to injury.

Otherwise - optimistic that we will be a better drilled, healthier and more consistently intense and competitive side.

Pessimistic because other clubs look likely to improve as well.

I feel like the ways we were bad in 2019 were just embarrassing sometimes.
Yes there was the dogs game but GWS round 1 was even worse for mine... reeked of spending the offseason in nice dreams land.
A bunch of narrow wins post bye covered the cracks - but IMO we deserved to finish 12th.

Overall I think we will be better to watch in 2020 for a similar end result.


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 18, 2008
AFL Club
I'm optimistic that;
* Dev and JD get on the park and have a substantial impact
* Cutler and Hibberd improve and make us an improved team
* Caracella and Rutten bring enough to the coaching as a point of difference that spurs the team to work harder
* We see improvement from Redman, McGrath, McKenna, Parish, Clarke and Francis
* Draper breaks through and finally displaces Bellchambers
* Transition from Worsfold to Rutten is reasonably seamless

I reckon there's a lot to look forward to this season!


The Oracle
May 4, 2004
lurking in the shadows of the matrix
AFL Club
Other Teams
Penrith Panthers
I am going to make the same call I have made for the last 3 seasons.
10-13 wins. Mid range side. Could make finals and win one with no injuries or could miss if things do not gel .
Once again it will come down to how well we can improve our team footy.
Can we pick up the team defence and improve it again?
Can we start protecting our premium midfielders?
Can we stop turning the footy over inside 50 and actually lock the ball in for longer periods of time ?
One thing I am not counting on is Joe tearing it up. I still have doubts he can get back to his consistent form and recent reports on his progress do not make me overly confident.

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