Analysis Season 2020 - What should the season look like now?

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Jason mp

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Aug 31, 2015
By the Gabba.
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Brisbane Lions
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Valleys. Chelsea.
Just had a go at the ladder predictor, my 1st week of finals >

Port(1st) v Eagles(4th)

Lions (2nd) v Cats(3rd)

Tigers(5th v Magpies(8th)

Giants(6th) v Bulldogs(7th)

Some big match ups over the next 3 rounds- Cats v Tigers, Saints v Eagles, Magpies v Port, Saints v Giants. If the Saints could win one of their 2 or the Magpies lose to the Suns as well as Port the Saints will make it and the Pies slip out.

I've tipped the Cats to beat the Tigers, if not we will probably play the Tigers in the 1st final and the Cats would cling onto 4th due to percentage over the Eagles who slip to 5th. So no matter how I do it we have the hardest possible draw v Cats or Tigers in the 1st week.


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Apr 6, 2007
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Brisbane Lions
Choco Williams was on Dwayne Russells show today, was asked who will win flag. He naturally said Port, but when asked if not them, who. He said Brisbane. Gave a glowing report on our list and coach....then said if we get our goal kicking straight, we'll beat everyone. Also said it was only our accuracy woes that beat us in the finals last year.
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Aug 12, 2016
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Brisbane Lions
A little surprised they gave us a home game in round 18 actually.
Both coming into this game with 8 home?? games.
And in all fairness 😂 to the big Vic clubs, I was expecting it to be an away game for us.

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