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Sep 9, 2006
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Box Hill Hawks
Team announced for the practice match against Casey.

some players i recognise from the NAB League of recent years, some unlucky not to be drafted and some just solid contributors at the u18 level

Eastern Ranges -
James Blanck - tall defender, was in the 2018/19 draft pool, had an outside chance of being drafted
Chayce Black - i believe this is Heath Blacks kid, was one of Easterns better mids
Mihaele Zalac - big strong mid, lacks a bit of pace and agility, but a strong bodied player

Sandringham Dragons -
Josh Le Grice - half back flanker, did well for Sandy
Riley Bowman - ruck who played for Dandenong in their premiership team and then moved to Sandy in 2020

Calder Cannons -
Flynn Lakey - midfielder, short red head i believe, talented accumulator, good endurance

Ed Phillips - Ex Saint (23 year old)
Mason De Witt - half back who played well in the trial game a couple weeks ago
Cal Porter - winger, played well in the trial game a couple weeks ago

the other guys are unknown to me, it seems like we played a trial team to see who was up to standard and i think Will Bravo from Dandenong played as well?
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Nov 26, 2001
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Pretty sure Riley Bowman was on Box Hill's list in 2020. He played for us against Casey in a practice match this time last year.

James Blanck is a super athletic looking lad. Good size and looks very strong for a kid. Kicking might be a bit of an issue, but I've only seen him play the once. Was shifted forward and back the other week against the Pies. Goes at it like a bull at a gate.

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Sep 7, 2009
Mill Park
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Sacramento Kings

Round 1Vs Casey DemonsSunday 18 AprilBox Hill City Oval
Round 2Vs Northern BullantsSaturday 24 AprilBox Hill City Oval
Round 3Vs SandringhamWeekend 1/2 MayAway
Round 4Vs WerribeeWeekend 8/9 MayHome
Round 5Vs North MelbourneWeekend 15/16 MayHome
Round 6Vs CarltonWeekend 22/23 MayAway
Round 7Vs Port MelbourneWeekend 29/30 MayHome
Round 8Bye
Round 9Vs SydneyWeekend 12/13 JuneAway
Round 10Vs SouthportWeekend 19/20 JuneAway
Round 11Vs AspleyWeekend 26/27 JuneHome
Round 12Bye
Round 13Vs CoburgWeekend 10/11 JulyAway
Round 14Vs Casey DemonsWeekend 17/18 JulyAway
Round 15Vs Brisbane LionsWeekend 24/25 JulyHome
Round 16Vs FrankstonWeekend 31 July/1 AugustAway
Round 17Vs CollingwoodWeekend 7/8 AugustHome
Round 18Bye
Round 19Vs RichmondWeekend 21/22 AugustAway


Club Legend
Nov 26, 2001
AFL Club
Box Hill final List according to Herald Sun today

Primary (over 22yo)
Adduci, Vincent
Beasley, Hugh
Cunico, Jordan
Deluca, Josh
De Wit, Mason
Greene, Fergus
Horner, Stuart
Kilpatrick, Brayden
Le Grice, Elliot
Mascitti, Damian
Phillips, Ed
Walker, Lachlan

Beasley, Charlie
Black, Chayce
Blanck, James
Bowman, Riley
Cucinotta, Jesse
Doreian, Mackenzie
Kalcovski, Adian
Le Grice, Josh
Maki, Cayden
Monroe, Lachlan
Mynott, Trent
Newcombe, Jai
Porter, Callum
Rossiter, Jamieson
Tennant, Beau
Warren, Trent*
Zalac, Mihaele

Warren is over 22 but was signed under some arrangement as a 'Development B player'
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