Preview Season 2021 Preview | The Midfield

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Jan 20, 2008
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Still reckon you should be seated at a 1950’s casino floor show table in a tux, glass of scotch in one hand & a cigarette in the other with show girls dancing around you. Its that hair Dino Martino..

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Apr 29, 2015
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Top wrap up. I think we all agree that the midfield is where we need to improve the most to be a top 8 side
and the club has appeared to have addressed this very well with our recruits and expected improvement from a fit Crippa
and a 3rd year Walsh.

Couldnt agree more with the Silvagni and Dow importance / impact they could have in 2021.
Huge upside if both fit and firing.

I think Fogarty will be a GUN inside/outside mid and could well end up our No.3 on baller behind Crippa and Sam Walsh
by seasons end. The times he got mid. minutes at Cats he racked em up and he is a very tough and smart player.
I rate him extremely highly and cant believe Pussies let him go.

What a dilemma the selectors will face and the competition for spots will be great.

Martin, Ed, Murph. Setters along with Williams and the five mentioned above........

Gibbons, Newnes, Kennedy ,Cunners, SPS, Philps, Stocker, Kemp for example will have to be flying to get a look in IMO and HOW GOOD IS THAT!!!
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