2nds Season 2022 GWS Giants VFL

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wasteful 3rd quarter - 5:7

wasteful, wasteful, wasteful.

gotta agree, hearing a commentator with an english accent is weird - but I’m enjoying being able to watch the game at all.

Peatling really good
Bruhn ok
Briggs a monster
Fahey will play seniors this year
can see why Wher has been named an emergency

19 to 7 free kick count a disgrace from the maggots

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A nine-goal haul from Jake Riccardi has lifted the GIANTS to their fifth win of the VFL season, defeating the Northern Bullants by 110 points at Preston City Oval on Sunday afternoon.

was the stand-out performer for the GIANTS, who bounced back following a disappointing draw against Sandringham last week to claim a 5.8 (38) to 23.10 (148) win.

Jacob Wehr (27 disposals, one goal) and James Peatling (28 disposals) were both impressive, with Zach Sproule, Conor Stone, Josh Fahey, Jarrod Brander and Xavier O'Halloran all likely to come into contention for AFL selection this week.

GIANTS VFL coach Damian Truslove credited the win to his side’s dominant opening quarter.

"We set the game up in that first quarter," he said.

"Our pressure was fantastic and we were really effective with our skills up forward.

"We finished the game strongly which was pleasing because it's been a challenge for us so far this season."

Truslove shared his assessments of the AFL and VFL listed players who played in the match.

AFL Listed Players:

5 Tanner Bruhn

31 disposals, 1 goal

Tanner dropped back to VFL level with a really good attitude. He hunted the ball really well and we were impressed with his running patterns off the ball.

10 Jacob Wehr

27 disposals, 1 goal

Continued his really good form in the VFL. He ran hard and used the ball well by hand and foot.

18 Conor Stone

17 disposals, 1 goal

It was good to get him back following injury. He ran hard both offensively and defensively and used the ball well.

20 James Peatling

28 disposals, 4 marks

Gave us a lot of offensive drive out of the back half and was hard and tough in the contest.

21 Leek Aleer

7 disposals, 1 goal

Had an important role down back. He defended first and was really good with his contested work in the air.

26 Jake Riccardi

9 goals, 10 marks

Jake had been close to a big performance for a few weeks now. His work rate was first class and he was extremely accurate all afternoon.

28 Zach Sproule

3 goals, 6 marks

Another player returning from a lengthy stint on the sidelines. He worked really hard in our front half and hit the scoreboard on the back of his good leading patterns.

29 Cameron Fleeton

13 disposals, 5 marks

Attacked the ball and opposition with aggression as per usual, and we were pleased with his involvement in our ball movement out of the back half.

31 Jarrod Brander

25 disposals, 1 goal

Played an important role on the wing and ran really hard.

32 Kieren Briggs

29 hit-outs, 22 disposals

Had to compete against two opposition rucks and did it really well. He gave our midfielders first use of the ball off the back of his impressive stoppage work.

33 Xavier O'Halloran

23 disposals, 1 goal

Hard and tough in the contest, Xavier's been a fantastic leader for us in the VFL. He really got us going in that first quarter.

34 Josh Fahey

27 disposals, 5 marks

Exciting ball use off half back. He was involved in a lot of our scoring chains and used the ball really well by foot.

35 Will Shaw

9 disposals, 1 goal

Looked dangerous in the first quarter and continues to run really good patterns as a high half forward.

46 Callum Brown

12 disposals, 4 marks

One of his better games this season. He defended first and had great offensive rebound off his good positioning.

VFL Listed and Academy Players:

47 Josh Green

10 disposals, 1 mark

Played as our second ruck, competed well at stoppages and led hard at the ball as a forward.

49 Sam Frost

12 disposals, 4 marks

Played an important and selfless defensive role with a good team-first attitude.

50 Billy Clark

17 disposals, 7 marks

Played on the wing and down back. He ran good patterns to help out the defence and was composed with ball in hand.

51 Ryan Hebron

13 disposals, 5 marks

Played forward and led up well at the ball really well. He puts a lot of defensive pressure on the opposition in the front half.

53 Bailey Stewart

16 disposals, 3 tackles

Played in the midfield and worked hard. He spread hard to outnumber the opposition at the stoppages across the ground.

54 Max Monaghan

11 disposals, 2 goals

Played forward this week, led at the ball well and his defensive pressure was good.

55 Kyle Veerhuis

4 disposals, 1 tackle

Played as a key defender in a selfless team first role and won or halved many critical contests.

63 Ricky Monti

9 disposals, 1 goal

Played as a small forward and looked dangerous with his energy. He kicked a really good goal and had plenty of opportunities.

64 Lachlan Benton

18 disposals, 1 goal

Lachlan's first game for the club, he found plenty of the ball and was really good in the contest.


13 listed players
No Hill or XOH so 1 to be medi-sub and the other injury cover
And Flynn

Not sure how many former AFL listed players the Sharks will have but it will be a tough game and hopefully a few standouts on the Giants side

Extra motivation for the Southport Sharks with the passing of a President of the club
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Hey all. It's the AFL Social Media team here.

In case you mightn't be across it, you can watch today's GWS v Southport VFL match live and free on afl.com.au and in the AFL Live App.

This link has more details, and you can find the match centre here, which will have live stats as well as the stream. You can also watch the full match replays and mini-matches of all VFL (and WAFL) matches on AFL On Demand.

Enjoy the game!
are you watching it, or just going by the stats?

haven’t seen him since the first and the commentator has called the 23rd man a couple of times.

i suspect he’s injured
23rd man is always activated and is only a rule to promote the playing of youth. It doesn't matter around injury.... but still a good chance he is injured.
23rd man is always activated and is only a rule to promote the playing of youth. It doesn't matter around injury.... but still a good chance he is injured.

ok, didn’t know that - fact remains though, I haven’t seen Angwin in the field since the first quarter.

edit. Angwin back on now midway through the last. seems to be patroling down back
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Watched the 2nd half and Sharks too strong all over the park
Same problems as the seniors
Too many missed tackles but to be expected with the bigger bodies on the Sharks team and this lead to too many Giants on the inside and Sharks on the outside so easy to transition
Briggs hopefully learnt from this but Crossley and Thurlow
Lacking run out of defence
Aleer needs this season and more to learn defensive skills

Plenty to work on for the rest of the season and hopefully the players develop at a good rate

No real standouts in the team and I will agree that Angwin was quiet but he does need to add size to be able to compete and if he wants to get a debut

Review from yesterdays game

Peatling and Brander the inbetweeners with not good enough for AFL and a step above reserves but really they only stand out a little bit due to the youth they are playing with. Only Hebron as a senior non listed player does make it hard although a few are past their overager year so i think that is where the clubs focus is this year
10 am Sunday v Werribee so hopefully an opportunity for a few players to improve on what they have shown this year. Wehr, Fahey, Fleeton, Briggs. Continuity is so important for these players development and the bye impacted a few players chances of getting a call up

Bruhn out with illness was odd, he was on the team sheet that morning so it must have been before the game

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