Official Match Thread Season 27 Round 15 - Gumbies FFC vs Coney Island Warriors at The House of Gumby [The Real MOTR]


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Aug 25, 2011
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With the recent intrusion from Adsense, some of the more astute in the BigFooty community have seized upon the heightened scrutiny from highly paid executives as a way to make some extra cash or kick start a new career. The Jesus and myself are in the process of finalising our presentation and are looking for investors to help fund the visual portion of our brilliant idea.

Where we rehash an old movie, using the same plot with cheaper actors and market it exclusively to one of the major streaming platforms.



Eccentric old man Papa Juggs sends edgy young pantskyle back in time to change history and bring an end to the mysterious disappearances of the Gumbies' captains. While back in time he searches for BRAB, haydo, Fryer Tuck and Barrybran and attempts to save them from their fate. While back in time, he discovers a Qooty almanac, that not only foreshadows the Gumbies' disappearances, but he also promptly uses it to win himself the Mobbs in S27.

Can pants bring BRAB back from the brink?

Could haydo and Barrybran suffer the same fate?

Could pants sway the future of the SFA with his inside knowledge?

Gumbies FFC v Coney Island Warriors at the House of Gumby

The 2nd placed Warriors venture to the House of Gumby, looking to lock in a top 2 finish, while the 4th placed Gumbies look to clinch a finals spot and possibly a spot in the top 4 with just 2 rounds to play.​

S27 RD5
Coney Island Warriors 13.16 (94) lost to Gumbies FFC 16.11 (107)
S26 RD11 Gumbies FFC 15.15 (105) defeated Coney Island Warriors 13.10 (88)
S25 RD16 Gumbies FFC 13.7 (85) lost to Coney Island Warriors 16.15 (111)

The two new additions at the House of Gumby are making their impact felt both on and off the field, with vice captain haydo coming off a 36 possession BOG performance against Baghdad , well complimented by EKA medallist Barrybran with 23 and 2 goals, Baz has given an instant lift to the Gumbies locker room both on match day and across the media landscape, while 2nd year full forward Jivlain is coming off a bag of 6 in the close fought win over the Bombers. While at the Warriors, it is hard to look past the all-conquering pantskyle who appears heads and shoulders above the rest in Season 27, and in tandem with the skipper Wooshette, they have formed arguably the most formidable partnership in the ruck/ruck rover combination in the competition. Full forward Raveneyes has been in white hot form, and currently sits 2nd in the FRED medal race, and may follow in the footsteps of clubman BigJoeD_ who managed the feat in S26. Should be match of the round.

Warriors by 13 points.

Make sure to visit our gofundme page to show your financial support for our vision, you can also subscribe to our instagram and follow us on Twitter!

Captains, please remember to post your team sheets in the Official Team Sheet thread by 11.59pm Thursday

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