Official Match Thread Season 27 Round 15 - Las Vegas Bears vs Dragons FFC at The Stadium in the Sky

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Apr 5, 2005
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Well we gave it a crack but fell short, Dragons. I thought we competed well for the first three quarters but our last saw us fall away and in the end we finished a fair way behind at the final siren.

Mooresome and Blaze Storm were the standouts this week with both playing exceptional games in the midfield. Cold Sober, gym4life and Pea Nut were also solid while PhenomenalV1 did his best up forward with four goals.

A disappointing result but we were at least in the hunt until the final quarter. Thanks to a result falling our way we will play finals but we'll need to sort ourselves out pretty soon if we want to have an impact. That said, next week is a good opportunity against a fellow finals side to get some momentum going again so let's come out firing in the last home and away fixture for this season! :thumbsu:

Go Dragons!! :thumbsu:

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Aug 13, 2014
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1 : 2.25 {lHBF} - What a tackle by RookiePick.
1 : 2.3 {rHFF} - RookiePick sizes the options in front of him.
1 : 2.32 {rHFF} - RookiePick takes a bounce and nearly fumbles it.
1 : 2.35 {rHFF} - That looks pretty close ....
1 : 2.4 {rHFF} - RookiePick kicks it lace out to a lovely lady sitting behind the goals.
Las Vegas Bears : 1.0.6
Dragons FFC : 0.0.0
Stopped reading here.

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