Official Match Thread Season 28 Rd 11 - Roys FFC vs Las Vegas Bears at Brunswick Junction Oval

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Mar 13, 2007
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I was clearly the comp by a decent margin a couple of weeks back but after a measly 4 goals in the last two games (one of which I played 3/4 in the ruck for some bizarre reason), I need a big week again. This week may well be the week.
I'm back in the middle so get ready for some lace out delivery. Hopefully to you.

A Bit High

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Mar 8, 2007
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Official Roys FFC Teamsheet

Round 11 vs The Bears

B: Reardo - Roylion - fumbler
HB: A Bit High - Mobbs - 3KZ is Football
C: StickyMick - fitzroybowiedog - GCB85
HF: Beandip - Klim - Barrels
F: royboy2 - Mooch - _Mike_
R: JackNah_8 - I Dont Care - Allikat

I: TedDougChris - Freakie


RU_ - BP > Out
Runk - C > Out
Reardo - CHB > BP
Mobbs - Int > CHB
fitzroybowiedog - Out > C
TedDougChris - Out > Int​

Boy Oh Boy...doesn't get better than coming home from the Socceroos 5-0 win to then reading this.

The misses is going to a lucky lady tonight!

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Jul 19, 2019
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Congrats you mad folk. The last few pages are classic banter and exemplify what a fun joint SFA can be,

** Even if you all need a check up from the neck up. **
I like you. You're like some sort of SFA fairy that floats about, injecting positive vibes about the place. Now can you bugger off because the Bears need to be getting angry.

That's the spirit Testy ... So will you be the first selected in SFAs all star team.?
He IS the team.


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May 24, 2017
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Rarely sleep through nights and so you folk paid the penalty last night.

I was being truthful. I nearly pissed myself laughing at those two pages.

I reckon if you see good work it's good to commend it.

Equally some would not agree about the positive vibe when they've copped a whack from me

Call it as you see it is my approach.

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