Official Match Thread Season 29 Round 17 - Baghdad Bombers vs West Coast Wonders at Abdu Prison

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Greetings Bombers and Wonders!

It’s been a gruelling season for many, what with global pandemics, background rumblings of seismic change planned for the league and Wayneo coming to grips with posting a team sheet that doesn’t contain randoms not actually signed to the league. So in introducing this match I wanted to treat you to an unveiling of SFA’s new and exciting merchandising:

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the one and only “SFA Minis”!!!


The whole gang are here and can’t wait to get stuck into their match! Let’s meet two of the most important mini characters right away:


Our mini Bomber isn’t based on a a particular player, but as the bulkiest of the mini gang brings the power, the gravitas and the over indulgence that we love about that team. Mini bomber also has a large nose, and we all know what that means. He is seen here resting on the bench showing off his full and luxuriant facial hair.

Mini Wonder is our wildcard mini - a bright blue Mohawk displaying the brilliance and madness of the Wonders posting unit as a whole. Shown here marking that ball right out in front - textbook qooty - while failing to keep his feet. Interesting side note, his piercing but crazy blue stare was added by the artist directly following that individual’s first and unforgettable encounter with SSwans2011.


From the back each mini wears the number of your current captain (well... one of them in the case of mini wonder guy - apologies to Sab22)

To give you a sense of scale, I have asked our feature minis to pose next to this average size domestic cat.


I hope you have a great week and a fierce and close battle. Thank you for season 29 - I’ve genuinely got a massive kick this season from our matches and other encounters around the SFA. Enjoy your new mini merch. For those of you that would like to meet all of our mini players, I will find a home for the whole gang somewhere suitable on the board in a day or two.

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Nov 9, 2006
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There’s no hoping to be done mate. I’m saying it WILL happen. It’s a foregone conclusion.
The game has already happened, it’s done, Wonders win, I’ve seen it.
Lock the thread.

Its a wrap.

Dingster, should I get the Wonders 'Finals Membership' thread out on the main board already?

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Antonio BlueVein

Aug 21, 2009
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FFS WaynesWorld19 the BlueVein is a Firestarter alt.

Lock the thread.

Its a wrap.

Dingster, should I get the Wonders 'Finals Membership' thread out on the main board already?
Meh, we can still have some fun in the meantime.
That's not what you were doing alone in your room all this time?
He was practicing “cleaning his room” with the “vacuum cleaner”.


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Jul 31, 2007
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The real question is which of these teams will have the bigger Mad Monday next week? I can imagine the Wonders hiring a bus and trying to take it through a KFC drive through.

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