Official Match Thread Season 29 Round 17 - East Side Hawks vs Dragons FFC at The Eyrie

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Hello Hawks and Dragons!

To welcome you to this final match for our home and away season, I am excited to announce the launch of SFA’s latest merchandising project.

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the all new SFA Minis!

The new mini gang is here and is just raring to go!

Lets meet two of the most important characters.


Mini Hawk is as tough as they come. Just look at that powerful body and firm grasp of the footy. Obviously this handsome, swarthy character is inspired very much by the power and strength of the Hawks as a brand. He’s waving in welcome, but don’t think this means he’s a pushover!

Mini Dragon is our mini golden child. Just look at that bright golden hair! He’s ready to go and don’t be fooled by that angelic aura...


Hullo! Every dragon has a big, green dragon tail. This is a unique feature of our dragon mini - he gets his magic plus a useful centre of gravity to stand up on his own from that long, green tail.

Both minis bear the number of their current captain. This doesn’t mean that Agent93 is black, but he could be.

Both minis have agreed to pose with an average domestic cat to give you a sense of scale:


Have a great match and don’t forget to introduce yourselves to the new mini team. For those that would like to see all our mini players, I’ll find a spot for a thread about them in a day or two.

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Greetings one and all. Shout out to NBN for fixing our fault ahead of schedule

Nice little tune up before finals
Was your NBN issue only impacting your place or was it a bit more widespread ?

I think i have been on the NBN for just over 18 months and tbh it has been pretty good.
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